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Of tainted angiens and the like


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In our lives there are plenty creations of the mind that make us suffer or heal us just as much as physical contact with the physical world. Now, in MD they are called creatures and are supposed to be mastered and used in 'duels' with other minds, and mastering them starts with the fundamental issue of obtaining/knowing the name of the creature. However, in this topic I want to bring into focus the possibility of change.

One creation that has divergent paths around MagicDuel is the angien, a dual creature which seems to represent different things. Now, I like giving this example found in Greek mythology, since it's quite easy to understand and works for many points to illustrate. The example follows two stories on love - that of a man losing his lover (she dies) and of a man losing the bee colony he was taking care of. The first man dies in bed, feverishly uttering the name of his beloved, the second receives advice from the gods and manages to 'revive' his bee hive the next spring. It is an example of love, but there are different circumstances to this love, that make the two cases unique. We can further ask - what if the first man had had a child from his relationship? Wouldn't the love for the child give him the strength to press on and live, despite the suffering? Such circumstances bring about change in the feeling, the creature we nurture throughout life, and even if we're talking about the same creation, it's not quite the same.

In the case of the angiens, something taints the 'pure' angien, and we can talk about what that taint is, but we can also consider it a 'circumstance'. This means for every creation we know the name of, there can be various circumstances that would make each creature different, depending on the patron. Of course, the differences might be negligible and not warrant different visible expressions of the creature, but they can also be striking. The angiens should have expressed their nature according to the user, but it's quite difficult to come up with a nice algorithm for it. However, of importance here is, I think, the fact that one creature can change unless fully 'evolved', at which point it can only be used as is or sealed into oblivion. 

Creations of the mind are subject to change, and not forgetting that can give you the power to change, if you are determined and curious. There might be unacceptable situations in life, there might be tunnels seemingly with no end, but there's always a light at the end. That's because a feeling can grow, be changed, discarded, abused, enhanced, it's because we're not bound to it without any choice at all (the definition of 'choice' here is in conjecture with there being multiple possibilities or uses). The screen I'm looking right now may stay a screen forever, unless I decide to smash it, or sell it, the anger someone feels towards me might be unchangeable at the moment, but my anger, my creation of the mind, is moreso within my power. And certainly, the hills and meadows, the forest and mountains, the rivers and deserts of the immaterial world of the mind  is filled with such creations, born without my consent and with my absent participation, but! the landscape is not definitive - not for one moment. It keeps changing, and you keep walking - a traveler on a muddy road. 

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