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What happened to my ritual?


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I agreed to do a healing ritual the other day with someone, they were very nice walking me through it since I'd never done one before. I set up a def ritual with my hollow soul and Elemental II...they both had VP, the hollow soul was almost at max. I was attacked and I won the fight.....I somehow ended up with 6 creatures fighting!! I feel awful about it since I really made a mess of the "healing" part of things....

Why on earth would this have happened and how do I keep it from happening again...

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If a Ritual has less than 301 VE (not Pray Power, just Creature VE) then a totally Random Ritual is selected instead. Best way to Avoid it is to keep an eye on how much VE the creatures have when making the ritual.

Also in Healing rituals you can Use Any creature that doesn't do Damage (so things like Weaken can be used as well...)

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i think part of the point they were making was that hollow soul(barron soul/hollow warrior?!?) =200/300 VE and the Elemental would tip it over the 301 requirement, that part confuses me

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If he was doing a healing rit thats maybe because he was low on VE.

He says his hollow warrior was almost at max VE 100/200? and he didnt specify what type of elemental he used. If it was the one after the egg then (and considering it might have been not at full VE it could be 100/400 or 200/400) the rit would have not gone over 301 VE and therefor a random one was used.

Theres no other explanaiton on why would that have happened.



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It's possible that someone attacked him in between the time he set up the def rit and was attacked by the player he agreed to do a healing rit with, so a single notification appeared for both attacks (notification lags a bit). It would've appeared in the log, but that log could have been erased due to the server time resetting or a certain secret feature activated by the attacker.

I think it's more likely he didn't have enough VE to amount to 301, but that's an alternative possibility if he did have 301 VE in the rit.

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