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How To Survive In Md World


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Main target of this post are MP3 players.

Purpose of this topic:
- explain the purposes of the rituals,
- why should they be created and
- how are the picked

If you feel you are too advanced for this ... then ... you might still read it and send me some info I missed.

For any comments, please use the the "Comments on basics" topic.

LE (one year later :D): This topic was made by the previous owner of dst's account, currently known as No one.
As you can see it is really old (happy B-day Mr. Topic!) but it did not lose its...validity.
I checked it and they are few things that need to be adjusted but I will do that as soon as possible.
I will keep it locked and add new info as I see fit or as I receive requests or even small texts from players.
So, if you want to contribute, use the other topic we made: "Comments on the basic" and I will add the info here as a new lesson/stage/etc.
There is in the other topic a nice reply from STF. I will use that one to improve the current topic.

Hope new players will find it useful (and why not older players :D).

Have fun!

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1. Basics

Purpose: Underline the mandatory readings.

Before starting anything, there is something you should be aware. There are some help pages scattered all over. If you don't find any information ... there are a lot of players that can give informations and all you need to do is to ask. And, please be polite.

So, the first help you should read (except this pages) is "Creatures under your control".

Further information on rituals will be detailed below (in this post) .

When you understand that you can use you creatures to attack and defend, you must learn that those creatures are not differentiated only by their name so you must read "Creature abilities and combat targets".

If you didn't understood this far, just remind yourself that creatures change and improve them self for every upgrade.

After understanding what creatures can do for you ... it is time to understand what you can do for your creatures "Profile and skills".

And if you already started fighting ... remember winning isn't everything (not in this game anyway).

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2. Getting attacked and defending

It may be strange to start with this instead of attacking and winning, but ... it is the easiest thing to learn and this will help you for the entire game in the same way, no matter how advanced your creatures are.

First I will tell you how rituals are picked when you get attacked and after that I will suggest a way to minimize that damage.

Part 1: what rituals are getting picked when defending

It may be complicated but bare with me as it is not as complicated as attacking.

Rule 0: Naming

You can name any number of rituals with same name. It is not indicated thou to create all rituals with same name (that would be interesting).

Rule 1: Order

Defensive rituals are picked in a LIFO way (Last In First Out) . This means that if I set the following rituals in order DefRit1, DefRit2, DefRit3, the order in which they are picked is DefRit3, DefRit2, DefRit1.

Rule 2: VE (Vital Energy)

Any ritual that you want to use is submitted to a simple test: the sum of all VE of all its creature must be bigger then 301. This amount may be big at the beginning but ... remember that you get 500 VE for every clock reset.

Rule 3: Active rituals

This is easy. A ritual that has been used (in attack or defense) and has been destroyed will no longer be useful. These rituals are not removed so that players will be able to acknowledge the attack and create another using it's name

Rule 4: Invalid rituals

If the last ritual (lets say DefRit3) is invalidated ('forgotten') then the second last ritual is picked (DefRit2).

Rule 5: Multiple invalid rituals

If all your defensive rituals are invalidated, the attacking rituals are used, in LIFO order, too.

Rule 6: No valid rituals

If there are no valid rituals left, or the last valid ritual does not comply rule 2, a random ritual is assembled from your creatures.

Getting to "Rule 6" is most fatal in MP3 due to low player stats.

(we will discuss about player stats later on).

Now, part 2 of this post: defending

I don't know what games have you been playing but for sure you must have heard about "sacrifice for greater good".

What does that mean. It means that you will surely lose in defense.

Surely in MP3 there is just a matter of circumstances (high VE, higher stats, and so on) but for MP4 & higher ... a defensive ritual can be taken down even with less stats but using brain :).

Just remember and don't get upset : in defense you lose (sooner or later you lose).

The problem comes now on how to minimize that lose. And this is pretty simply. You will ask me why didn't I told that earlier. The answer is that if you don't pay attention on how these defensive rituals are picked ... you will lose all.

FIRST DEFENSE RITUAL: Because you don't have high stats, you cannot help you creatures with anything but your VE. The problem is that your VE is what it is used to heal your creatures. So, first defense rituals are, lets call them "sacrificing rituals", a one creature rituals with no influence.

Explanation and spoiler: Create a single ritual with just one creature (take care of VE rule) and use 0% influence. The effect of this ritual is this: your creature will most probably be defeated at first attack (not always as it depends on how the attacker attacks :) ) and will end up with 0 VE but you get to see another fight.

WARNING: Even if you created a ritual with a creature that has, lets say, 400VE, if you have used it in another ritual and died (lowered it's VE) the ritual will not display any warnings that it would not be valid. So, try to keep track of your creatures and to not use them in "sacrificing rituals" if you already planned to use them in other rituals.

Tip: First create defensive rituals then consider creating any offensive ones.

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3. getting stats and sacrificing a creature

This is a short one :) as it's not much to say on how to get stats :) just that there are 2 ways : attack/defense and creature sacrifices (using altars).

I don't know for sure, but from what i've observed, the statuses gained while attacking, are proportional to the amount of damage inflicted. (Some calculation formulas would be useful but they would be hard to explain as they keep getting improved as the game gets tuned and gets more features).

The minimum amount of damage observed to give any stats is around 700.

Another spoiler would be that you will always get the same reward for the same damage inflicted & received.

As for sacrificing a creature ... you should know something (also a bit of spoiler here) : when you sacrifice a creature you get 4 things : VE / VP, stats, priciples and honor.

- VE/VP (temporary or max value increment) are given by the level of the creature (lvl one of the creature will always give only temporary boosts of VE and/or VP).

- stats

- principles Different altar may give different rewards for principles. This kind of rewards is not available for lvl 1 creatures.

- honor, hmm, this may not be significant but it exists.

Ah, yes, TIP: different creatures have different rewards. Also there may be different rewards and ratio (stats & principles) for each level of the creature.

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4. complete the basics

Do not laugh.

This post is actually a redirect to the first post (1. Basics).

Reading all over again will strengthen your knowledge.

After you read the "Basics" again, you should be able to survive (not live) in Magic Duel.

:) of course, living Magic Duel is another story :)

See you later :)

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