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Combat System Beginner's Guide


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This guide covers the basics of the combat system:

crits = creatures
rits = rituals

First of all, you'll want to learn about crit abilites.

While in-game, go to: the little dragon sign on the vertical left menu (above the inbox) > click on any crit picture from the list > click on [more info] next to the crit's picture.

It'll show you what types of abilites crits can do (one crit can't do all) and what are the possible targets a crit can attack. Again, you'll need to experiment on what to use to find out which is the most suitable choice.

Second, you'll want to learn how to heal your crits. You can do so by going on the crits list page again and clicking the orange bar underrneath their pictures.

Third, we come to rits. Basically at MP3, the ideal rit would be dmg (short for damage) crits with healers. However, some people also put up non-dmg crits so that the other person can also attack with non-dmg, giving the attacker a win and the loser a loss without any bloodshed! That's why it is best to ask someone what rit they have set as their def rit (defence rit by clicking on the box when creating a rit). You can also ask someone to set a certain rit as their def rit so that you can gain wins/losses from attacking them.

Next, we have tokens. These are... ~things~ which make your crit more powerful by giving many bonuses such as extra VE (vital energy or vitality, whatever you can call it) or increasing their stats.

Then there is the influence slider (the % thing you can move before attacking someone). This shows how much of your own VE you are putting into your rit. For eg: You have 5k VE. If you put 50% influence on it, then 2500 VE will be distributed among the crits in the rit. If there is only one crit in the rit, then it'll get all the 2500 VE. If there are 5 crits, then they will get 500 each, and so forth.

Lastly, you have stats. These are the main things that define how strong you are, along with VE and crits. You can view your stats by clicking on the angel-type-man on the left-menu. At every battle, these stats are used in the rit when you attack someone (just like VE on the influence slider, the more % you put, the more % stats go into your rit, eg: You have 200 attack. If you put 70%, then 140 attack will go. The 140 will then be further divided into how many crits you have in that rit. If you have one, then it'll have it's attack increased by 140. If you have 2, they'll have their attack increased by 70, and so forth)

I'll give you the stat descriptions as well:

Attack: how much dmg your crits do.

Defence: how much dmg recieved is negated (1 is the minimum dmg you can recieve. Suppose if someone attacks you with 50 attack, and your defence is 100, then although you could have blocked 50 more, it'll still do 1 dmg, which is actually almost nothing :D)

Regeneration: this one is a bit tricky, but it is actually the most useful. Suppose you have 10 regen (regeneration for short), and you put 100% influence on your slider. After the battle, your crits will regen 10% of their VE automatically! (again, this is distributed, for eg: if you have 5 crits they'll regen 2% each, cause 100% of 10% = 10%, and divide that by 5 cause you have 5 crits)

Initiative: the crit with the most initiative strikes first

Energetic Immunity: not important till you join a land

Trade Sense: the more you have, the lesser the cost of armour/weapons from shops

Briskiness: the higher you have, the more active heat you get when you move from scene to scene. Don't mix this up with heat tolerance, which is actually XP. (this is not important now, focus on this only after you advance to MP4)

Power: some crits have this stat instead of the attack stat, primarily due to abilities. It is used for healing, stealing life, etc.

Luck: you always have a chance of dealing double dmg. This raises the chances of that :)


1) How to get spells?

[spoiler] Spells can be obtained through 2 ways. The first is to use a spell stone which gives a limited number of casts for that particular spell. The second is to purchase them from the Wish Shop for a wishpoint each. Wishpoints must be earned, "the hard way", but they are also awarded for certain achievements you have to find out. [/spoiler]

2) Where do you get clothes and weapons from?

[spoiler] These can be obtained from armor shops throughout the realm, and are purchased using Value Points. I hear there is one located inside Wind's Sanctuary ;) [/spoiler]

3) I am using my ritual, but why isn't it working?

[spoiler] If the creatures in that ritual have less than 301 VE (vital energy) altogether, a random ritual will be used instead. Heal your creatures before using them to attack! [/spoiler]

4) How do you collect resources?

[spoiler] Resources can be collected using tools obtained from each of the land capitals. Wind's Sanctuary is the capital of Marind's Bell. [/spoiler]

...and more will be added soon!

(If you feel there is something missing, there is an error, or if something can be improved, please feel free to PM me.)

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You also get spells when you become a protector (MP6) or LHO.

Oh, and one more thing - part of the game is figuring out the rules. And then they change - which is also part of the game. Take it as a (fun) challenge, and remember that the hardcoded documentation is very, very obsolete -- not to be trusted.

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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1352559278' post='125322']
You also get spells when you become a protector (MP6) or LHO.

Oh, and one more thing - part of the game is figuring out the rules. And then they change - which is also part of the game. Take it as a (fun) challenge, and remember that the hardcoded documentation is very, very obsolete -- not to be trusted.

In some cases I redid the hardcoded docs, so not so obsolete, however which ones I did I helpfully can't remember. If there's any massively obsolete ones, point me at them please.

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