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Closing curtains for 2020


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As I begin to write this, I had a glimpse of Akasha's topic about spam...well, whatever.

For me, this year was better than last year. I bounced back with new goals, resolve, peace of mind. Last year it was kind of a new low. I hear it's been really bad for others, and my mind is slightly conflicted.

A part of me wants to help - the moronic part. The more intelligent one (the one always at the edge of despair) is rationally pointing out how you can't actually help someone, take their burden, straighten out their path. I'm beginning to be more of a 'not my problem' kind of guy.

But, you know, seeing the propaganda level at this intensity makes me pissed off, too. Not my problem, ok, but in an indirect way...Can I do something about it, though? No, not much, particularly since you can only give advice, and only when it's asked for.

I see lots of people who are ridiculously weakened, and unfortunately, it's gonna bite me as well, somehow. So what I'm trying to do in a very discrete manner is tell people they can take it easy. And I just point out how political the whole year has been. Everything is because of a political goal, a political vendetta, or because of a reset brought about by the newest technologies, employed by the newest challenger when everyone wanted to take it slowly (and leave the hard work for the next 10 years, prolly).

Just look at UK. Nice backstabbing there, with Brexit, but things didn't end there. A no-deal Brexit made everything worse, and now 'things are out of control' and 'flights must be suspended' etc. Read between the lines, because you can afford to. They say 'it's worse than you can imagine' - that means it's fine. They say 'all is well' - uhh...is it? You know they couldn't have done it if there was no internet - without a means to keep in touch with people you know, you either go mad or go out with a pitchfork. 

Things must be kept under control, and I have learned to trust the politicians. They do their best to manage things, mostly because if they don't, someone else will take away their power. I'm not panicked, I'm not cursing at politicians, I know they do what must be done. Yet the propellers of the propaganda are too damn fast, ok? But maybe it's just me.

For me, as I've said, things are going fine. Nothing ever changes, and I just don't give a damn anymore about potential. I'm in this imaginary hut, watching the change of seasons. People are coming and going, as busy as ants on the forest floor. Me, I'm just watching. I'm just saying, if the load gets too heavy, stop and look around. It'll help.

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