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New shop ideas

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Think of this as a wishlist id love to see in the shop feel free to create your own items as well but please dont over power them keep it realistic, who knows muratus might take notice and implement a few of them. Try to create uses and tell why these would be effective.

Experience Siphon:

Cost 1$

Available 50

Requirements: 1000 honor 100 active days(made so high so that cant be abused by mp3/4 to become insanely strong)

Use: Permantly removes 5m total xp from character profile.

Why: At 25m xp the game becomes boring you have to lose on purpose and hope the opponent has regen or life drainers to take some of your xp. Basically for me game ended when i hit 25m i dun enjoy it being at max xp. I like to win and do serious fights not give freebies all day long hoping someone has a way to take my xp. You dont play games to lose on purpose you play to win



Acailable 5

Requirements: None

Use: See an extra item in shop available for purchase. (Now you can see 4 types of item to buy with this you would see 5 youd be able to buy. Would allow you to purchase deeper in the catagories without buying some of the stuff you deem useless to you)

Why: The extra features is my favorite section. My free credits almost always go to the extra creature slot. But of course its the last item in their, and new items always get placed infront of it forcing me to buy a feature just to get back to the creature slot. Would be nice to not have to buy new item to get back to what i was already purchasing before more items were added to store

Hidden Action:

Cost 1$

Available 4

Requirements none

Use: Works like heat orbs, except stores action points. Each orb saves 50 action points for a later use.

Why: Alliance members always need extra action points. 20 minute timer 8 actions per fight, 30 action regen per timer. We lose them incredibly quick my action is always empty

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my alliance has 15 min timer with regular 25 ap, but only 200 VE and VP per.

I agree with the ap slots, but because AP is so valuable, especially to some alliances, I believe they should hold smaller amounts. That way they are there for emergency use, but not for ass kicking.

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