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I have a language barrier, what do I do?

Poppi Chullo


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You can ask in chat, send a message or post on the forum for help understanding a specific phrase or function. 

We are all from different countries and cultures so you will get all the help you need - just ask!

The language barrier will get easier over time, and honestly.. nobody speaks perfect English, not even the native speakers, so don't feel embarrassed about writing anything!

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If you don't understand a command in English, you will be MADE to understand it, because orders are orders. Otherwise, if people talk to you and you cannot understand much, nod and try to use your hands in a manner that you think is acceptable. Making sounds is forbidden, since one wrong syllable can end a man's life.

Joking aside, since the language barrier refers to not understanding one language and one language only (English), you'll quickly break through that barrier just by reading and (occasionally) writing it. Lately, autocorrect seems to be everywhere and underlines (in RED) stuff like Ledah or Granos or, why not, Chewett (I wish there was a way to correct those, but we live in an imperfect world and we should accept eachother as we are).

Do not worry about the language barrier unless it can cause you to appear rude (and if you are, try to hide it!!). This means watching out for words like 'rude' 'moron' 'don't talk to me ever again', which are hints in your quest of talking to people. If people are not talking to you, it may be because everybody hates you, but it's usually because they are idle. You may ask a question in chat, and get an answer 6 hrs later. You may wave to some idle character in the morning, and see they waved back in the evening. Don't sweat it, you're not hated. (??)

I don't think you have to worry about that when there are at least 10 countries represented in MD, and the overall spoken English is clinging for dear life (mine included). Still, that doesn't mean you don't have to make an effort and enjoy the sunrise from the other side of the barrier. People improve, and so should you.



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