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Actively Recruiting

Metal Bunny

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Are you tired of hearing those lame ctrl+c and ctrl+v messages* on the live chat all over the game?

Well I have the answer! If you join I-BID, and become my adept, you won't feel obliged to actually read those messages!

If you join me, there is a chance you will be awesome too, yes that's right, I am selling out!

The first 50 adepts, and only if you stay my adept, will be called awesome** by yours truly!

The I-BID is a fun group and I as your fearless and awesome leader, will do my best to protect you and answer any question you might have***!

And once I have enough adepts, epic awesomeness ensues! Because then I will be your protector! And that means I can heal you and do other awesome stuff, to make our group even more awesome! Help me help you! Help me become mp6 by becoming my adept today****!

*I'm not tired of hearing them, so I'm not a hypocrite.

**Only on a very rare occasion and will deny every allegation of me actually saying that.

***If those questions are related to MD and if then, not related to quests and in particular, their answers.

****Seriously. Do it. Now. You'll get candy?

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:) Hmm.. Say, if you call me "uber awesome" and acknowledge that you're supposed to be my minion only I'm too awesome to humiliate you so, I'll help you. I'll even put off awesomely helping shadowice. And Lulu, because she's my awesome pet, will help you too. That's two. And plus however many awesome people I can convince.

Say, if you don't, then let all know that MB here is supposed to be my minion, only he's too unawesome to acknowledge it and I'm too awesome to have an unawesome minion, and you should become my awesome adept instead of his unawesome adept.

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In Benevolentia Imperatore Debimus :D

Or In Bunny's Infantry Division..

or 2 other latin versions..



I was your minion for an insignificant duration of mortal time and you are 'omijngodikkannietgelovendatikditdoestomspel' so awesome that if I were not to be the awesome Metal Bunny I am today, you would be more awesome than I am... 'ikganogeenseenkeerdoodaanditspelgvd..'

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I was your minion for an insignificant duration of mortal time and you are 'omijngodikkannietgelovendatikditdoestomspel' so awesome that if I were not to be the awesome Metal Bunny I am today, you would be more awesome than I am... 'ikganogeenseenkeerdoodaanditspelgvd..'

Charming! Look how he strives earnestly to earn his fifty adepts although the odds are obviously pitted against him considering his pathetic character; quite admirable, hmm? If you are the type to take pity and help the poor struggling creature, you must be quite "awesumm," I would think. And if that expression repulses you, translate that to "awesome":

1: expressive of awe <awesome tribute>

2 a: inspiring awe <an awesome task> b: terrific, extraordinary <had an awesome time>

Coined 1598!

Even though MB recklessly butchers the English language, he can't really help it. That and other tragic flaws are part of his nature. But he does, at least, earnestly try; we who mercifully take notice of it are brought up from our own personal lowliness by and brought closer to achievement of character. Let us partake in the relieving of the pitiable and the bettering of ourselves.

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I thought that as my adept, you were supposed to uh.. oh, I don't know.. *help* me? Huh!?

Huh? Aren't I? I'm telling others that you're so pathetically hardworking they should take pity and help you by becoming your adept, if only to bring themselves up with a good deed. Characteristically slow, you are..

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Saying that I am awesome and that the adepts should be happy to have me as their master just sounds so much better.. you know, as in not cramping my style?

Hmm.. really, I dunno. Sure, it works well enough for you, because you're, well, you; it's pretty much accepted for you to be genuinely arrogant. But see, if I write it, it sounds so fake for some reason, doesn't it? I imagined my appeal would be a lot more effective especially to those whose first thought is that you sound disagreeably lame. But it doesn't matter much either way to me, so:

All Hail The Lord Of Bunnies!




All Hail The Bunny Empire!

Have you ever heard of I-BID, and wondered what all the hype was about?

Did you ever wonder what was so "awesome" about our Lord the Metal Bunny?

Well, here is your chance to learn!

The Lord of Bunnies, one of the strongest players in MagicDuel and definitely the most awesome, is currently looking to recruit for I-BID in the form of adepts, so he can acheive mindpower 6 and become a uberly awesome Protector of his faithful!

He is offering yes, that's right, a share of his awesomeness to YOU and he will pwn even more when he gets uber powers from being a Protector~!

I-BID is an official organization under the sanction of His Awesomeness in which members have fun creating kitty gore in the name of Our Lord the Metal Bunny!

We are an awesome group of epicness and welcome anyone who is psychologically unstable!

All you have to do is register your name in that blank in the Daily Progress Button (the compass on the right of the chat, aka the weird circle with golden wings under your stats) and hit "change"! and then The Lord of Bunnies will contact you shortly with further instruction so your awesome fun can ensue~

I tried very hard to imitate your most awesome demeaner. n_n

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