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How do I make tea and bake a cake?



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this is a spoiler, you will need some items and more people to create this



I will provide the Water
I will provide the Tea leaves.
I will provide the Aromatic herbs
I will provide the Tea Cups.

(Step 1) Spread the leaves over the teapot's base
(Step 2) Add some water.
(Step 3) Boil the water.
(Step 4) Pour the hot water into the teapot.
(Step 5) Wait for five minutes
(Step 6) serve up the tea


To bake a cake, you will need: 2 Rainbow candy, 1 Water,
1 Aromatic herbs, 2 Unidentified plants

Search the unidentified plants for some grains
Grind the grains
Break the candy
Mix the ingredients
Pour the dought in the cake tin
Put the tin in the oven
Wait one hour
Take the cake out of the oven
Take it out of the cake form
Wrap it with the wrappings


I will provide the 20 water
I will provide the 100 sand
I will provide the 5 syntropic dust
I will provide the 10 sticky goop

(Step 1) Add the sand
(Step 2) Add the syntropic dust
(Step 3) Mix sand and syntrophic dust
(Step 3) Make the mixture
(Step 4) Add water
(Step 5) make the mixture again
(Step 6) Sculpt the castle
(Step 7) Give it details
(Step ???? Add the sticky goop
(Step 9) Leave the sand castle to dry


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