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What are these Value Points I find everywhere?

Fyrd Argentus


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Winertia is another name for Value Points, and has nothing to do with money.

Winertia is more like karma or emotional state - you gain it by moving around (and finding it by LUCK), by resting, and by winning combat.  There is a maximum value, that can be increased over time or in the Shops.  The ability to recruit certain creatures depends on your current level of Winertia or value points.

Money is represented by physical items in your inventory, gold and silver coins, and bank notes of higher value.  These are used for trading with other players.

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  • Root Admin

In addition to Fyrds answer, an interesting info to know is that "Winertia" comes from "Worldy Inertia" ..now try to understand how that fits with money in the outer world.


For veterans: There is a distinct possibility that at some point in MD evolution, winertia will also represent something you don't want to have.

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