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How do I make my chat go blue or gray?

Fyrd Argentus


And why would I want to do it? 

(This is not a duplicate of Clair's question - coming from quite different directions IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER!)

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If you put your words in parenthesis (like this) it will come out in gray italics.  This is used for Out-Of-Character chat, to ask questions about how the game works or things in the other (dream) world.  There is a little box below the chat that you can check to make all your words come out this way, until you uncheck the box.

If you put your words inside asterisks *like this*, your player name will be added and and it will all come out as blue italics.  For instance, if you type " *throws the ball.* " it comes out Yourname throws the ball.  This is generally used to show actions, rather than spoken words.

If you add words after your actions, it does not add on your name, and makes the asterisks and the stuff between into blue italics.  For instance, if you type " *throws the ball.*  Gotcha! " what you get is " Yourname: *throws the ball.*  Gotcha! ".  Obviously this is a combination of action and spoken words.

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The blue chat text signifies that you are roleplaying your character. You can do this by enclosing the message in asterisks.


*is lazy* will output Lazarus is lazy - in blue color

The gray text is used for out-of-character conversations or off-topic ones. This can be done by enclosing the chat message in parenthesis.


(I woke up this morning with my hair gone) - in gray color.

Alternatively, you can click the check box on the bottom of the chat that says "OOC Chat [?]" so you don't have to type the open and close parenthesis everytime.

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