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problems with flash popups


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As you can see I get the flash pop up trying to load something, but it does not load. This results in a loss of some principle points (I do not really care about them, lost like 8 or 9 like this) and the same thing happens when I want to open old messages I already read. Any idea why that is? It really is annoying and so I appreciate any help I can get.

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I don't know about flash or php stuff x_x Or even the internet.. See, I looked up "cache" a few months ago when I finally got the willpower to understand what I was advising newbies to do.

The only thing I can guess is that you have a really slow connection? Does anyone know the source of the problem, and anything that might help?

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mm, it's the screen focussing on the new item thats appearing if that makes sense, slow conections or slow computers lead to it taking ages to appear sometimes, you could have been doin that at a peak time, was it a one off or does it happen a lot?

*check disclaimer for more info*

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