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So I've been seeing Player's Posting little stories about themselves on the Forums lately (I my self have had a Story in my Hate List for Some time now, before I saw the rest of these pop up B) )

The problem is, There is no good place for them to Go, I see most Going into either Storylines or Local Legends, but I don;t feel these are the right places for such things (Read the Descriptions of those Sections from the Main forum Page and see what you think)

So I'm suggesting that Perhaps a new Section in the Forums for Player Stories should be made. I personally don't feel right Posting my own Story here, at least not while there isn't a good place for it.

Please don't misunderstand, I enjoy these Stories, I just think they need a Place of their own.

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I concur. I had planned to come on the forum today and post some stuff on my char and his recent activity, but I cannot find where to put it, and as such, it will not end up on the forums. We really need a sub-forum called Roleplays(same as player stories, but a little more open for other stuff too).

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Why don't you all use the local legends section? Later maybe we will move them but until then post in there.

All you people are for creating and creating. What about destroying and deleting from time to time for the sake of cleanness? Huh? *

*yes, me being a forum freak cleaner

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Subforum in local legends, maybe?

I've been wanting to post a narrative.. >_>; Since Robin first posted his story. I have it all written up. :P But Lu says it's lame, so I've been waiting for a ton of people to post their stories so I can feel less self-conscious about it. Still indecisive.

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From my point of view the Local Legends is the best place to place the stories.Hey! maybe you are the future local legends. :) And if the topics with personal stories will grow maybe we will make a special section but this is not up to me.And since there are already 2 "personal stories" posted there I will move the others later this day.

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