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2021 Holiday Gift Exchange

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Friday the 24th, 17:00 ST.  Well of Fortune - west from Marind's Gate (direct route from GoE blocked by the demolished gazebo top).

Everyone who wishes to participate should send me privately details of a gift.  I will draw random numbers for the order in which people then choose.  The twist is, when your number comes up, you can choose to "steal" any gift already open, or choose to open an unopened one from the pile.  If you "steal" a gift, then the previous owner opens a new one instead.  This makes for an exciting party atmosphere.  Coaching from the sidelines is encouraged.

You need to describe the gift's packaging - size, shape, color of wrapping and bows... 

For fairness, the value of your gift should at a minimum be ONE of the following, or similar:

1) A creature that is maxed, colored, rare, or well tokened and/or sharded.

2) At least 2 GC value in currency.

3) At least 3 role-playing items in a theme, which must be accompanied by a story or explanation.

4) At least 4 casts of a spell in a memory stone.

5) A resource pile of at least 5 rare or 10 common types.

6) Anything unique or special.  Give the history.



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One of these things, not all.
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Well, sad to say Ledah didn't show up, and got the remaining present by default.  The following things should now be passed:

Ledah gives Ungod a 5 gold note.
Ungod gives Chris 1 gold coin and 1 golding-of-avatar token
Chris gives Ledah 2 gold coins.

Please conduct these tranfers in appropriate holiday spirit!

Merry Murmas all!

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