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Fyrd's Military Ways and Beliefs

Fyrd Argentus

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-- Always remember that this is just a game, and that there are real people with real feelings on the other side of the internet.

-- Grow in the game, with the game, and contribute positively to the culture of Magic Duel itself.

-- Follow your heart, and don't forget to have fun.

-- Remember that in MD, even Death is just another adventure.

Basic Combat for Beginners

You can't attack a player directly - this is done by having your creatures attack another player's creatures.  Stronger and stranger creatures give you stronger and more magical attacks.  The basic mundane soldier is the Aramor (empty suit of armor).  The basic battlefield medic, or healer, is the Barren Soul.

When you choose to attack, you must select a collection of creatures, or ritual, from your list.  If you have none yet, you must create a new one by selecting up to 6 creatures.  Their combined vital energy (VE) must be at least 301, or the computer will randomize your ritual.  When creating a ritual, you may also click a box that says to use that ritual in defense (most recently defined one first, off the bottom of your list).  You can also adjust the "slider" which tells how much of your personal VE you are going to risk in the combat.  At 0% there is no risk, but no support for your creatures.  At 100% your personal statistics are added to those of your creatures.

Upon selecting a ritual to attack with, you have one last chance to adjust the slider before you CHARGE!  The combat results give the attacker's % loss first, then the defender's.  Whoever lost less PERCENTAGE of their creature's VE gets credited with a win, their opponent a loss and the amount of damage you did determines how many heat scars (experience) you and your creatures get.  However, all this gets more complicated as you advance in the game.  Read the details of the combat reports to learn more about how combat works.

In order to advance, you and your creatures will need to collect wins and losses.  Ideally you should seek "balance" or equal numbers of wins and losses.  If you attack players with higher win/loss ratios, you gain honor - if you attack less successful players you lose honor.  Honor is important for purchasing and recruiting.  At later stages of the game, being far out of balance has progressively worse effects.

To achieve balance, ideally, you should attack strong and put up weak defenses for your training partners.  Speaking of which....


This is a game more about relationships and roleplay, than it is about combat; you will enjoy this game much more if you work to develop a social network.  You will stay engaged and happy.

Peers – Find players you can trust and grow alongside.  Share with them and support them.

Rivals – Find other players you can compete against without loathing them.  Make it a race.  Learn who is slightly below you (good targets) slightly above you (challenges) and way beyond you (don't annoy them).  Study their tactics.

Mentors – Not just MP6's, most advanced players will help anybody who shows a desire to learn and do well.

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