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The Coronation of Queen Aia of Loreroot, Day 49 Year 17


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The following is the unedited log of the Coronation of Queen Aia of Loreroot on Day 49 of Year 17


Acoustic Remains log

[19/02/22 23:00] Chewett:Hello Everyone!
[19/02/22 23:00] :redneck waves to chewett
[19/02/22 23:00] Chewett:Good evening everyone
[19/02/22 23:01] Chewett:Today is rather an exciting day, and it has been a few months in the coming, but I am pleased to welcome you all here
[19/02/22 23:01] Death Ray:Hello!
[19/02/22 23:01] Chewett:During this ceremony I would ask you refrain from being too noisy, that is for later!
[19/02/22 23:01] Mallos:I am at like 200 heat slots filled, and on mobile it is dangerous as i can click these heat orbs by accident very easily
[19/02/22 23:02] Chewett:If you want to say something, feel free to stick up your hands *waves his hand around* and one of the ceremony Organisers (Aia, Myself, Mur) will motion to you to speak
[19/02/22 23:02] Chewett:Other than that, well I think you all know why we are here, So I will stop speaking and move over so that our good friend Aia can speak *motions to Aia*
[19/02/22 23:03] :Aia waves her hand around to mirror Chewett\'s wave
[19/02/22 23:03] :Death Ray claps and cheers
[19/02/22 23:03] :Kaya Salta claps
[19/02/22 23:03] :stavaroiu claps
[19/02/22 23:03] :Fyrd Argentus whistles
[19/02/22 23:04] :Aia clears her throat softly
[19/02/22 23:04] :Muratus del Mur applauds frenetically
[19/02/22 23:04] :Fang Archbane prematurely pops a party popper and shifty eyes
[19/02/22 23:04] :Mallos
[19/02/22 23:04] Aia:Friends, travellers, Lorerootians great and small, and inhabitants of the realm far and wide,
[19/02/22 23:04] Aia:I do formally welcome thee this day to Loreroot, land of life.
[19/02/22 23:05] Aia:I am honoured by the presence of all who do attend this day;
[19/02/22 23:05] Aia:those who have been present for the journey that is discovery of this realm;
[19/02/22 23:05] Aia:those who have returned from the other-realm;
[19/02/22 23:06] Aia:and those who by virtue of their vision, have created and changed the enigma that is MagicDuel.
[19/02/22 23:06] Aia:To those who have found themselves unsuspectingly to appear at our venue this day;
[19/02/22 23:06] Aia:I shall make arrangements to return thee following, but do hope of thine enjoyment of the festivities.
[19/02/22 23:07] Aia:As announced; if there were aught who should wish to oppose of mine ascension; I would that they should speak now, and be heard.
[19/02/22 23:08] Aia:Or if one should wish to ask aught of myself, afore I do become Queen.
[19/02/22 23:08] :Aia checks carefully for any waving hands
[19/02/22 23:08] :Muratus del Mur prepares his shotgun in silence
[19/02/22 23:08] :Fang Archbane smirks at the silence
[19/02/22 23:08] :Nepgear snickers
[19/02/22 23:08] :Else coughs
[19/02/22 23:08] :Aia smiles contentedly
[19/02/22 23:09] :Chewett readies his cane to beat people
[19/02/22 23:09] :Death Ray failed to cast a spell
[19/02/22 23:09] Aia:As I do observe of unanimity, let us continue.
[19/02/22 23:09] Aia:In accepting of the monarchy of Loreroot, I pay homage to Lintara, she who did tread afore me, and all those afore her.
[19/02/22 23:10] Aia:Lintara; if thou mightst hear it:
[19/02/22 23:10] Aia:I thank thee for thy service, leadership, and protection of myself and of Loreroot,
[19/02/22 23:10] :Death Ray cheers
[19/02/22 23:10] Aia:and, in the other-realm, wish thee good fortune in all endeavours.
[19/02/22 23:10] Aia:I inherit of thy crown and of the Queendom of Loreroot in the knowledge that thou wouldst wish it of me.
[19/02/22 23:10] :Lintara's spirit nods in acknowledgment and beams a happy smile.
[19/02/22 23:11] :Fang Archbane gasps in spanish
[19/02/22 23:11] Chewett:And it is here that I must step in, *bows to Aia*
[19/02/22 23:11] :Aia holds in a gasp
[19/02/22 23:11] :Muratus del Mur gets a big bag of popcorn
[19/02/22 23:11] Chewett:Since I knew that Lintara\'s blessing was important to you, I have been luckily enough to speak to her *smiles*
[19/02/22 23:11] :Fang Archbane slowly puts down the Nightshade spliff
[19/02/22 23:12] Chewett:She wished it be known that indeed she is happy to hear what you have said (Since she was treated to a preview, Spoilers!)
[19/02/22 23:12] Chewett:She apologies that she could not be here, but wished me say this:
[19/02/22 23:12] :To the lady of this night, Queen Aia. Words cannot describe how relieved and happy I am that You have gone so far and chose to take up this role. In my final days, it was Your presence that gave me hope like the Moon on a starless night.
[19/02/22 23:13] :My friend, I apologize for the burden left behind and I wish You wisdom, strength, courage and an open heart in the days to come. As a final request, please make Loreroot a place where You, too, can be happy.
[19/02/22 23:13] :
[19/02/22 23:13] :To the land that I called home, Loreroot, and Lorerootians. I am sorry I faded so fast. Thank you for everything. May your hearts remain free evermore.
[19/02/22 23:13] :
[19/02/22 23:13] :To Azull, Syrian and the tribe of Necrovion. Thank you for being my family outside family and all the comfort, warmth and adventures we've had together. Although it was dark, it was very much fun, and you helped me make peace with many heavy things time and time again, often without realizing it myself. I hope that side of you never changes.
[19/02/22 23:13] :
[19/02/22 23:14] :As for people I did not mention, I thank you all as well and I hope your lives are full of hopes, dreams and opportunities. There always is much left to learn in this realm and even more things to create. Have a good MagicDuel Adventure everybody!
[19/02/22 23:14] :Aia dabs a tear from her eye with a LR handkerchief
[19/02/22 23:14] :Fang Archbane holds a few tears in
[19/02/22 23:15] :Fyrd Argentus smiles
[19/02/22 23:15] Fang Archbane:Well said, Old One...
[19/02/22 23:15] :jakubhi takes a few deep breaths
[19/02/22 23:15] :Aia takes a moment to compose herself
[19/02/22 23:15] :lashtal shakes a bag of bones
[19/02/22 23:16] Nepgear: (Don\'t call women old, Fang. ffs xD)
[19/02/22 23:16] Fang Archbane: *sliently slaps Chews shoe tio, and looks up* and well played Wookie. Well played
[19/02/22 23:16] Muratus del Mur:A blessing from the previous Queen solves everything , so glad you managed to get that
[19/02/22 23:17] Aia:Lintara, this I promise to do with all my being. I thank thee for the gift of memory, and vow to honour thee in Lorerootian history.
[19/02/22 23:18] :Death Ray ❤️
[19/02/22 23:18] Aia:Thou shalt never fade from Loreroot, as long as we remain.
[19/02/22 23:18] :jakubhi nods
[19/02/22 23:19] Aia:May the other-realm bless thee as thou hast blessed me this day.
[19/02/22 23:19] :Aia takes another deep breath
[19/02/22 23:19] :Fyrd Argentus raises his eyebrows and a finger, looking at Chewett questioningly.
[19/02/22 23:20] :Aia waits to see if Fyrd raises his hand
[19/02/22 23:20] Chewett: *Nods to Aia to continue* (Time will be given later)
[19/02/22 23:20] Aia:To Loreroot, then, and to Lorerootians past, present, and future:
[19/02/22 23:21] Aia:I vow that I shall govern with poise and grace;
[19/02/22 23:21] Aia:that justice should be done within Lorerootian borders.
[19/02/22 23:21] Aia:I shall always lend audience to those in need,
[19/02/22 23:21] Aia:and rescue my citizens from harm.
[19/02/22 23:21] Aia:I shall lead Loreroot into an era of dynamic progress;
[19/02/22 23:22] Aia:as the acorn becomes the oak, so too must Loreroot\'s bounties grow, and its inhabitants with it.
[19/02/22 23:22] Aia:I shall nurture them to be strong and resilient, as those before them.
[19/02/22 23:22] Aia:As I accept the crown of Loreroot today, so too do I shoulder of its burdens and accept of its primality,
[19/02/22 23:22] Aia:in the understanding that I too am a partof its endless cycle of life and death;
[19/02/22 23:22] Aia:that I am beholden to the forces of nature, and that, in time, another shall rise in my stead.
[19/02/22 23:23] :Aia curtsies to the gathering
[19/02/22 23:23] :jakubhi claps
[19/02/22 23:23] :Fang Archbane raises a well deserved glass of MoonSilver to the new Queen of the Wood
[19/02/22 23:23] :Nepgear grins
[19/02/22 23:23] :Ailith smiles
[19/02/22 23:23] Chewett: *Bows to Aia* Thank you Aia, it is good to hear from you
[19/02/22 23:24] :Fyrd Argentus claps
[19/02/22 23:24] :lashtal claps
[19/02/22 23:24] :I am Bored claps
[19/02/22 23:24] Chewett:As King of Marind Bell, Grand Duke of the East, and Menkyo Kaiden of MagicDuel I welcome your ascension to Queenhood.
[19/02/22 23:24] :stavaroiu claps
[19/02/22 23:24] Death Ray:Wooo! *claps and cheers*
[19/02/22 23:24] :Ledah applauds
[19/02/22 23:24] :Muratus del Mur listens to Aia with great admiration
[19/02/22 23:24] Chewett:Mur is there anything you would like to say to this? *smiles at Mur*
[19/02/22 23:24] Muratus del Mur:Well...
[19/02/22 23:25] :Fang Archbane relights the spliff as the tension builds
[19/02/22 23:25] Muratus del Mur:i think most was said, but i shall remind a few things related to this _kind_ of role
[19/02/22 23:26] Muratus del Mur:Being a land leader (Queen in this case) , its much much more than an other role
[19/02/22 23:26] Muratus del Mur:A king/queen, can decide the future of the land, and in this case, one of the most important lands in the realm
[19/02/22 23:27] Muratus del Mur:I know Aia is a very balanced person, with huge past achievements.
[19/02/22 23:27] Muratus del Mur:Aia , remember, as queen of LR you can do anything, as long as what you do affects just the land and its citizens
[19/02/22 23:27] :Death Ray cheers
[19/02/22 23:27] :Aia nods to Mur in understanding
[19/02/22 23:28] Muratus del Mur:Regarding access to secret stuff, that level will increase, but will be limited by your own curiosity. Nothing will come to you if you do not know where to look and what to ask
[19/02/22 23:28] Muratus del Mur:Where is your new coat?
[19/02/22 23:28] Muratus del Mur::)
[19/02/22 23:28] :Fang Archbane ooh, a puzzle, i friggin love puzzles
[19/02/22 23:29] Chewett: *coughs* I guess thats my cue!
[19/02/22 23:29] :Chewett runs off to prepare everything
[19/02/22 23:29] :Aia steps behind a conveniently placed sheet
[19/02/22 23:29] Muratus del Mur:I am really happy to name you Queen of Loreroot ..i think you will bring amazing times to this land
[19/02/22 23:29] Chewett: *Coughs* Whats your current "coat" ID do you know?
[19/02/22 23:30] Muratus del Mur:Aia...on more thing
[19/02/22 23:30] Muratus del Mur:*one
[19/02/22 23:30] Muratus del Mur: (ask Aia, she packed it well)
[19/02/22 23:30] Chewett:Found it! *writes down 1506*
[19/02/22 23:30] Muratus del Mur:As leader of a land, you must be both good and \'bad\' ...i am reminding you this because i think you are more on the \'good\' side, if you know what i mean
[19/02/22 23:31] Muratus del Mur:learn you poses power as a queen, use it. Other leaders in the past did not realize what they could have done, i hope you will be more ;curios;
[19/02/22 23:32] Fyrd Argentus: *mutters* "stern" maybe.....
[19/02/22 23:32] Muratus del Mur:THE CROWN, WHERE IS THE CROWN?
[19/02/22 23:32] Aia:I shall, Mur; thou hast ever inspired me to further curiosity.
[19/02/22 23:32] :Miq sighs
[19/02/22 23:32] Vicious:I hope we haven\'t misplaced the crown.
[19/02/22 23:32] :I am Bored passed Paper Crown to Muratus del Mur
[19/02/22 23:32] :jakubhi chuckles
[19/02/22 23:32] :Aia steps out from the sheet
[19/02/22 23:32] Fang Archbane:Nice crown oCo
[19/02/22 23:32] Fyrd Argentus:I have a grass one....
[19/02/22 23:32] :Muratus del Mur keeps it just in case
[19/02/22 23:33] :lashtal stares at Aia in amazement
[19/02/22 23:33] Fyrd Argentus:OOOO.... AAAAAAH....
[19/02/22 23:33] :Ailith gasps
[19/02/22 23:33] Fang Archbane:Holy hell...
[19/02/22 23:33] Muratus del Mur:@Chew...? your turn :)
[19/02/22 23:33] Muratus del Mur:Thats it!
[19/02/22 23:33] Muratus del Mur:unique as you are
[19/02/22 23:33] Chewett:That should be it!
[19/02/22 23:34] :Chewett mumbles about there being so many buttons to press
[19/02/22 23:34] Muratus del Mur:First colored avatar allowed for free use by an active character
[19/02/22 23:34] Muratus del Mur:Its not an illusion :)
[19/02/22 23:34] :Aia does a double-twirl in her new colours
[19/02/22 23:34] :redneck stares in amazement
[19/02/22 23:34] Death Ray:Ohh pretty!
[19/02/22 23:34] Fyrd Argentus:Magnificent!
[19/02/22 23:34] :Fang Archbane sweats
[19/02/22 23:34] Muratus del Mur:amazing :)
[19/02/22 23:35] :jakubhi does his best not to stare
[19/02/22 23:35] Miq:Concratulations quuen Aia.
[19/02/22 23:35] Nepgear:Amazing indeed *grins*
[19/02/22 23:35] :Ivorak cheers
[19/02/22 23:35] Muratus del Mur:this actually has nothing to do with the Queen-ship , but its the perfect occasion to present such royal closing
[19/02/22 23:35] :Miq passed Golemus dust to Aia
[19/02/22 23:35] Fang Archbane:Honestly, it suits her
[19/02/22 23:36] :Aia does more smiling and waving
[19/02/22 23:36] Muratus del Mur:Now you should do something about that left side, it should be filled with medals :D still more to discover
[19/02/22 23:36] :Fang Archbane pops the party poppers
[19/02/22 23:36] :jakubhi cheers
[19/02/22 23:36] Miq:May you reign true
[19/02/22 23:36] MRAlyon:Congratulations Aia!
[19/02/22 23:36] Fang Archbane:Theyre eco friendly confetti -3-
[19/02/22 23:36] :Death Ray tosses rose pedals
[19/02/22 23:37] :Ailith passed Blue seashell to Aia
[19/02/22 23:37] MaGoHi:sure hope i get a visa from you
[19/02/22 23:37] :Aia clears her throat a little louder
[19/02/22 23:37] :Muratus del Mur admires the colors
[19/02/22 23:37] Aia:I thank all of thee in sharing in this wondrous moment with myself.
[19/02/22 23:37] :stavaroiu passed Small star fragments to Aia
[19/02/22 23:37] :Vicious Cheers!
[19/02/22 23:38] Miq:Also lets this be rhe last time i get summon spelled, thanks.
[19/02/22 23:38] Aia:I feel that I must wear out the words - I thank thee, to all this day.
[19/02/22 23:38] Aia:But for those who should fear that which I may do;
[19/02/22 23:39] Aia:let this gift place thee at ease.
[19/02/22 23:39] Muratus del Mur:I think its obvious, but i am saying it just in case...if by any reason, inactivity, event, mistake, trade, anything, this avatar reaches other hands, Aia can reclaim it instantly no questions asked
[19/02/22 23:39] :Aia conjures a suspicious looking chest
[19/02/22 23:39] :Chewett Gets out the Cane again
[19/02/22 23:39] :Fang Archbane ponders
[19/02/22 23:39] Muratus del Mur:omgomg , chest *curious*
[19/02/22 23:39] Chewett:Now, I have learnt not to press suspicious boxes Aia notices!
[19/02/22 23:39] Ledah:Neat
[19/02/22 23:39] Aia:I promise to all that this is, indeed, safe.
[19/02/22 23:39] Chewett:But in this case, I am going to press it!
[19/02/22 23:40] Else:Please no more negative luck...
[19/02/22 23:40] Aia:One at a time, if it should please thee.
[19/02/22 23:40] :[Spell] Sensing the shift, a lonely tree wakes from it\'s long slumber to release a few buds.
[19/02/22 23:40] MaGoHi:i clѥkଽd iᴌ
[19/02/22 23:40] Muratus del Mur:O.o :D :D
[19/02/22 23:40] Vicious:Oh. Huh.
[19/02/22 23:40] MaGoHi:i sacrificed myself for you
[19/02/22 23:40] Chewett: (If you press it a second time it explodes...)
[19/02/22 23:40] MaGoHi:nothing bad happened
[19/02/22 23:41] MaGoHi:(lol iᴌ ℜଽallᎩ ގऄooᴌގ aղ ଽℜℜoℜ)
[19/02/22 23:41] Chewett:Err that broke everything....
[19/02/22 23:41] :Fang Archbane feels like a slightly younger version of himself... nice
[19/02/22 23:41] :Death Ray got an error
[19/02/22 23:41] Vicious: (Well this is interesting)
[19/02/22 23:41] Chewett:Aia can you hide that quickly please
[19/02/22 23:41] :jakubhi chuckles
[19/02/22 23:42] Aia: (oh... what happened?)
[19/02/22 23:42] Death Ray: (It gave me an error :()
[19/02/22 23:42] Chewett: (Everything is erroring on my screen...)
[19/02/22 23:42] I am Bored: (also, opening Aia\'s inventory page generates an error. Not sure if it\'s related)
[19/02/22 23:42] Aia: (Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/magicdue/public_html/core/class.user.php on line 2072)
[19/02/22 23:42] Chewett:Yeah... I\'m going to have to fix this lol
[19/02/22 23:42] Aia: ( *sighs* )
[19/02/22 23:42] Aia: (already?)
[19/02/22 23:42] :Fang Archbane starts blasting the mystery box with a hose
[19/02/22 23:42] Chewett:Lets continue with the ceremony, Aia, did you want to see if anyone wished to say anything to you officially?
[19/02/22 23:42] jakubhi: (bad-luck eh ? Stored everything you had into that little chest)
[19/02/22 23:42] Fyrd Argentus:Might now be a good time for my few words while others fix things?
[19/02/22 23:43] :redneck laughs
[19/02/22 23:43] Muratus del Mur:@chew check tlg quick
[19/02/22 23:43] :Aia stores the chest back for now
[19/02/22 23:43] Death Ray:I propose my self as right hand man to Aia and doing her biddings
[19/02/22 23:43] Chewett:Replied Mur
[19/02/22 23:44] Aia:I would think this an opportune moment to speak, if thou shouldst wish it, but I would that it were a single being at once, so that all may listen.
[19/02/22 23:45] :jakubhi gets his magic staff ready to duel Death Ray
[19/02/22 23:45] Aia:Do raise of thy hand if thou shouldst wish to speak; Fyrd; as the first to ask, thou hast the floor presently.
[19/02/22 23:45] Fyrd Argentus:Allow me to begin then....
[19/02/22 23:45] Fyrd Argentus:I find myself reluctant to behave in the manner many of you are used to from me on important occasions of state such as this.
[19/02/22 23:45] Fyrd Argentus:There will be no water balloons, chattering dentures, fake drinks, fake or spoiled food, odorous releases, or opening of jars of ants.
[19/02/22 23:45] :Death Ray ignores jak and his weapon
[19/02/22 23:45] Fyrd Argentus:The exploding chest is NOT my doing.
[19/02/22 23:45] Muratus del Mur:while Chew fights with bad code, i am here to listen, go ahead
[19/02/22 23:45] Fyrd Argentus:No disappearing ink on the documents, reverse pocket watches, off-beat readings from “Of Knights and Voyeurs” and
[19/02/22 23:46] Fyrd Argentus:– best of all –
[19/02/22 23:46] Fyrd Argentus:there will be no serenading you, dear Aia, with my underwater bagpipes.
[19/02/22 23:46] Fyrd Argentus:This is an important occasion, not the least because it recognizes you, Aia, as having the grace and wisdom to assume the duties of Queen of Loreroot.
[19/02/22 23:46] :Aia giggles at the thought
[19/02/22 23:46] Fyrd Argentus:Beyond that, this event shows that the Magic Duel Realm will endure beyond the reign of one person, such as Queen Lintara was, however worthy.
[19/02/22 23:46] Fyrd Argentus:We will endure; we will have the flexibility to change as needed and face, with courage, whatever the future may bring.
[19/02/22 23:47] Fyrd Argentus:And so I raise a glass of mulled wine to salute you, Queen Aia, and invite all the others here to join me in this toast.
[19/02/22 23:47] Fyrd Argentus:Long live the Queen!
[19/02/22 23:47] :Fang Archbane raises his glass of MoonSilver
[19/02/22 23:47] :jakubhi joins Fyrd
[19/02/22 23:47] :Nepgear raises a glass of wine
[19/02/22 23:47] Fang Archbane:Long live the Wood... Creator knows shell outlive us all
[19/02/22 23:47] :stavaroiu raises a glass of Bushies Wine
[19/02/22 23:48] :Mallos has bourbon
[19/02/22 23:48] :Aia raises her glass of bubbly
[19/02/22 23:48] :I am Bored raises a glass of juice
[19/02/22 23:48] :Muratus del Mur raises a beer mug filled with whiskey
[19/02/22 23:48] :Fang Archbane sweats as he notices
[19/02/22 23:48] :Fang Archbane worries for his liver
[19/02/22 23:48] Muratus del Mur:Loongng lvie Queueuen Aiiaa *hic*
[19/02/22 23:48] :Invie raises a glass of milk to Aia
[19/02/22 23:48] :Chewett raises a pint of cider he foolishly started
[19/02/22 23:49] :Ledah sips the grasan milk
[19/02/22 23:49] :Fang Archbane shudders
[19/02/22 23:49] :Muratus del Mur looks at his mug confused
[19/02/22 23:49] Death Ray: (Why am i randomly moving and unable to mive myself?)
[19/02/22 23:50] lashtal:Ledah is a true gourmet
[19/02/22 23:50] Chewett:Aia feel free to place the box back
[19/02/22 23:50] :Ailith raises her sesame seeds
[19/02/22 23:50] I am Bored: (temporary bug, you are moving, reload the page and you\'ll be there)
[19/02/22 23:50] Chewett:Whoever cast the bob spell, please send me a forum PM
[19/02/22 23:50] :Aia motions to the fine liqueur that Fyrd has placed in the corner
[19/02/22 23:50] Chewett:Ta!
[19/02/22 23:50] :Aia reconjures the chest
[19/02/22 23:50] :Muratus del Mur loves Chewwyeeeee
[19/02/22 23:51] Aia:I do assume that curiosity may sometimes get the better of myself, also.
[19/02/22 23:51] Muratus del Mur:A very nice gift Aia
[19/02/22 23:51] Fyrd Argentus:Thank you, your majesty.
[19/02/22 23:51] Aia:To all who remain to open the chest, please do so at thy leisure.
[19/02/22 23:51] :Death Ray crys that the box did nothing
[19/02/22 23:52] :Fang Archbane notes it does nothing a SECOND time
[19/02/22 23:52] Fyrd Argentus: (pop-ups blocked?)
[19/02/22 23:52] Aia: *curtsies to Fyrd* I thank thee for thy kindness.
[19/02/22 23:52] jakubhi: (check your profile, maybe you did not notice the increase in your luck ?)
[19/02/22 23:52] Fang Archbane: (No, DR is memeing)
[19/02/22 23:52] :Invie passed Quiet bud to Aia
[19/02/22 23:53] :Death Ray mobile and its unblocked
[19/02/22 23:53] Fang Archbane: (Hes jokingly complaining it did nothing the second time, when it came back "fixed")
[19/02/22 23:53] Aia:Were there aught else who would wish to speak?
[19/02/22 23:53] Chewett: (if anyone is worried check your daily compas)
[19/02/22 23:53] Chewett: *looks at his list* I have numerous people who wanted to speak Aia, once others have
[19/02/22 23:53] :Fang Archbane looks around
[19/02/22 23:53] Chewett:Well, people who are unable to be present but wanted to speak
[19/02/22 23:53] Chewett:But first, people who are here
[19/02/22 23:53] :Ivorak raises his hand
[19/02/22 23:54] Aia:Ivorak, thou hast the floor, if it please thee.
[19/02/22 23:54] Death Ray: (Ah yeah its there just the box acting up)
[19/02/22 23:54] Ivorak:On behalf of the Archivists, I am pleased to stand witness to this Ceremony for the new Queen of Loreroot. We look forward to documenting your reign. Long live Queen Aia!
[19/02/22 23:54] Ivorak:May your reign be a blessing upon Loreroot!
[19/02/22 23:55] MaGoHi:maᎩ i bଽղଽfiᴌ fℜom Ꭹouℜ ℜଽiᎶղ
[19/02/22 23:55] Fyrd Argentus:Legend Speakers stands with you on that, brother.
[19/02/22 23:55] Aia:To this I shall vow also; Ivorak; may Loreroot create of many wonderful events worthy to be noted by the Archivists.
[19/02/22 23:56] Fyrd Argentus:I must slip away, but I will capture what I can of today\'s proceedings and publish it.
[19/02/22 23:56] Aia:And may new Legends be spoken upon our lands.
[19/02/22 23:56] Chewett:Don\'t worry Fyrd, I have that all planned
[19/02/22 23:56] Fyrd Argentus: (for myself....)
[19/02/22 23:56] :[Spell] Little birdies, report to Fyrd Argentus
[19/02/22 23:57] Aia:Many thanks, Ivorak, and the Archivists; and aught who do share of their vision.
[19/02/22 23:57] Aia:Were there another who would wish to speak?
[19/02/22 23:57] :lashtal raises his hand
[19/02/22 23:58] :Muratus del Mur raises his head from the table .... Long live Queen Aia
[19/02/22 23:58] Aia: *motions to lashtal* Lashtal, I am honoured to hear thee speak.
[19/02/22 23:58] lashtal:Thank you.
[19/02/22 23:58] Else: (hopes there is a week pass for all)
[19/02/22 23:58] lashtal:Ladies, gentlemen, animals, spirits… And all those in between...
[19/02/22 23:59] lashtal:I won’t steal much time.
[19/02/22 23:59] Muratus del Mur:This is part of history, what you have to say now, its a statement to be remembered for future diplomatic relations
[19/02/22 23:59] lashtal:I just wish to congratulate your Highness Aia.
[19/02/22 23:59] :Muratus del Mur shuts up, and listens
[19/02/22 23:59] lashtal:I think you’re the perfect head for this crown.
[19/02/22 23:59] :Chewett notes down that head of DoM seemed very drunken and that must be part of his diplomacy
[19/02/22 23:59] lashtal:Although I’ve never been affiliated to Loreroot…
[19/02/22 23:59] lashtal:The land and its people are dear to me and always have been.
[20/02/22 00:00] lashtal:So, without further ado…
[20/02/22 00:00] :lashtal passed Drop of blood to Aia
[20/02/22 00:00] :Chewett notes down "bring drinks before attacking DoM"
[20/02/22 00:00] lashtal:I hope some fresh blood will make new grass grow.
[20/02/22 00:00] lashtal:Long live Queen Aia!
[20/02/22 00:00] :Ailith frowns at Chewett
[20/02/22 00:00] :Aia accepts the drop of blood in its very delicate enclosure
[20/02/22 00:01] :Chewett frowns at Ailith
[20/02/22 00:01] :Chewett Sticks his tongue out at Ailith
[20/02/22 00:01] :Chewett bursts into a grin at Ailith
[20/02/22 00:01] :Nepgear notes that the realm is in good hands
[20/02/22 00:02] :Ailith giggles and turns to Aia
[20/02/22 00:02] Aia:I do hope I understand thy meaning correctly, lashtal.
[20/02/22 00:02] :Fang Archbane notes Aia works for Allstate
[20/02/22 00:02] Aia:But let it be left to those who might read this to draw what they may.
[20/02/22 00:03] Chewett: *looks at Ledah* Are you present?
[20/02/22 00:03] Aia:Loreroot will always hold thee dear as long as I do reign.
[20/02/22 00:03] Ledah:Yes but my fingers are too fat to type
[20/02/22 00:03] :Chewett sticks his hand up to join the queue to speak
[20/02/22 00:03] :Chewett looks around to see if anyone else wishes to
[20/02/22 00:04] :I am Bored raises his hand
[20/02/22 00:04] Fang Archbane:Im waiting till the end. Lunas bound to drop in eventually
[20/02/22 00:05] Aia:Chewett, I should like to hear thee next, if it please thee; and then, I Am Bored shall have opportunity.
[20/02/22 00:05] :Chewett bows to Aia
[20/02/22 00:05] Chewett:For my sins, I am Grand Duke of Lands of the East
[20/02/22 00:05] Chewett:Ledah here *motions to Ledah* has presented me something to say, and something to give you
[20/02/22 00:06] Chewett: *looks at the note again* Well... I think it is Ledah, the note is signed "Ladeh"
[20/02/22 00:06] Ledah:Fufufu
[20/02/22 00:06] Chewett:Let me begin, Ledah asks me to say:
[20/02/22 00:06] :Nepgear snickers
[20/02/22 00:07] Aia:Ah; I must assume Ledah did think thy voice were more pleasing to the ear, mayhap.
[20/02/22 00:07] :I must apologise for not being very talkative at the moment, however it is to all of our benefit as I can now have Chewett say whatever I want… such as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
[20/02/22 00:07] :More importantly – a new monarch rises and what better time to ingratiate yourself then at the coronation? As leader of the Caretakers I wish you every success ruling over the rabble and should you ever need a rival… taken care of, we will be more than happy to help. Long live Queen Aia!
[20/02/22 00:08] Muratus del Mur:Diplomatic relation status: The East will remain neutral to the new Lr leadership. The land is to far for me to influence, and whoever travels East will be treated the same way, be warned.
[20/02/22 00:08] :Finally, please accept this humble gift from my servant Chewett, on behalf of myself and the rest of the Caretakers… may it serve you well and nourish the soils of Loreroot through the ages. Gold coin sold separately, terms and conditions may apply.
[20/02/22 00:09] Chewett:Aia, I have been asked to give you a small gift, let me find it (sending a PM to you)
[20/02/22 00:09] Chewett: (sent)
[20/02/22 00:10] Ledah:I won it from a Murmas cracker
[20/02/22 00:10] :Death Ray passed Flowers to Aia
[20/02/22 00:11] :Aia transfers the creature to her possession
[20/02/22 00:11] :Aia finds out that it is, in fact, a perfectly preserved Witherwraith
[20/02/22 00:11] :Muratus del Mur passed Bottle of Bushies Wine to Aia
[20/02/22 00:12] Chewett:Ledah asked me for a little bit of magic for it, so we have bestowed it with one or two tokens
[20/02/22 00:12] Aia:I would have it no other way, Ledah; let our rivalry betwixt quest-maker and quest-taker grow ever strongly.
[20/02/22 00:12] Ledah:You earnt it!
[20/02/22 00:13] :Rona passed Big red button to Aia
[20/02/22 00:13] Aia: ("Royal Loreroot Moss" reads the label)
[20/02/22 00:14] Aia:I do appreciate the gesture, and the time taken to curate of this being.
[20/02/22 00:14] :jakubhi passed Flowers to Aia
[20/02/22 00:14] Chewett:Ah my mistake, I mean it has 24 tokens, not just one or two *chuckles*
[20/02/22 00:14] :Chewett bows to Aia, noting that he has finished saying what Ledah has requested
[20/02/22 00:14] Ledah:Well, it was only fitting for such a colourful character Chew!
[20/02/22 00:14] Aia:It would be a shame if this were to be sacrificed as the others.
[20/02/22 00:14] Else:wow
[20/02/22 00:15] :Aia accepts the flowers and button from jakubhi and Rona
[20/02/22 00:15] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 7
[20/02/22 00:15] Aia:I Am Bored, I believe it were thy turn to speak.
[20/02/22 00:15] :Mallos passed Book on human anatomy to Aia
[20/02/22 00:15] I am Bored:Ah, yes
[20/02/22 00:16] I am Bored:While I am not much for speeches, I am a being of whimsy and and as such, wish to present a simple gift.
[20/02/22 00:16] Aia: (If your gift has a meaning, please wait to speak about it before giving it, thanks!)
[20/02/22 00:16] I am Bored:May it bring you smiles even at times when the rest of the world seeks to bring you gloom.
[20/02/22 00:16] :I am Bored passed Adult dragon onesie to Aia
[20/02/22 00:16] Rona:I hope you\'ll use it well!
[20/02/22 00:17] Aia: *smiles and folds up the onesie* This shall serve me well; should the world seek to bring me gloom, I merely needst think of this realm and all within it.
[20/02/22 00:17] Aia:For it has brought quite the opposite to myself, especially this day.
[20/02/22 00:18] Aia:Were there aught else who did wish to speak?
[20/02/22 00:18] :Fang Archbane looks around
[20/02/22 00:18] Aia:Ah; if I may speak briefly, to perform my first act as Queen...
[20/02/22 00:18] Chewett:I still have a few notes if none else wish to speak
[20/02/22 00:19] Aia:My first act as Queen of Loreroot is to grant Nepgear, who were rightfully the next in line, the leadership of the Guardians of the Root, in Lintara\'s absence.
[20/02/22 00:19] :Fang Archbane watches as Luna breaks the cloudline that seems to have come from nowhere, and smiles as the moonlight basks the area, relfecting off the various Glass he placed earlier, and basking Aia wholly
[20/02/22 00:19] lashtal:Congratulations Nepgear
[20/02/22 00:20] :jakubhi congratulates Nep
[20/02/22 00:20] :Fang Archbane gives Nepley an accepting nod and smirk
[20/02/22 00:21] Aia:Mayst thou guide of the Guardians of the Root to remain ever vigilant, in protection of Loreroot and its inhabitants, and mentor within thy ranks of strength in mind, body, and willpower.
[20/02/22 00:21] :Ailith smiles to Nepgear
[20/02/22 00:21] :Fang Archbane slowly raises one wing as he listens
[20/02/22 00:22] :Muratus del Mur asks everyone to refresh, permanent fireworks no sound
[20/02/22 00:22] Muratus del Mur: (thanks chew ; ) )
[20/02/22 00:22] Aia:Were there aught else who should wish to speak?
[20/02/22 00:22] Fang Archbane:I will, assuming everyone else present is done
[20/02/22 00:23] :Fang Archbane looks around
[20/02/22 00:23] Chewett:I have a note from Klawdees
[20/02/22 00:23] Nepgear: *bows* Thank you, I\'d gladly accept this position. I know being the ruler of a land is a tremendous responsibility, so feel free to rely on me in the future.
[20/02/22 00:23] :MaGoHi applauds nep
[20/02/22 00:23] Aia: *smiles* I have done so in the past, and shall continue to do so.
[20/02/22 00:24] Aia:Fang, thou hast the floor.
[20/02/22 00:24] Nepgear:I\'ll do my best to keep Loreroot and its citizens safe *smiles*
[20/02/22 00:25] :Fang Archbane gets a stern face, one he doesnt use very often, if ever, and slowly walks towards Aia, as the Shadows he now knows as Home engulf his entire being, and he emerges a 7 foot tall werewolf of a man
[20/02/22 00:25] :redneck cheers for queen aia
[20/02/22 00:25] :Fang Archbane removes the cloak from his furry face, and looks down at the woman he looks up to so highly in his heart, the small stature that holds so much potential yet to be tapped
[20/02/22 00:26] Fang Archbane:Im not much. Im just an old wolf, in a new age. Ive carved my path here in this realm. None know this world without knowing my name. I stand by what ive done. Im a walking problem, and thats ok
[20/02/22 00:26] :Fang Archbane passed Fang Archbane's engraved ring to Aia
[20/02/22 00:27] MaGoHi:i thought you are a bird now,
[20/02/22 00:27] :Fang Archbane gets down on one knee, and looks up at Aia as he places a ring on her hand
[20/02/22 00:27] :Aia accepts Fang\'s ring in cupped hands
[20/02/22 00:27] :redneck hears a wendigo in the distance
[20/02/22 00:28] Fang Archbane:If youll have me, and my problems. i promised Rider id do everything in my power to keep the Wood, and those within it, safe. Ill break your enemies. Ill water your trees. Ill heed your beck and call
[20/02/22 00:28] :Else vanquished Death Ray and took all ☻99 heads.
[20/02/22 00:29] Fang Archbane:As the self proclaimed Phoenix of Mt. Kelle\'Tha, and the Shepherd of the Dead, i give you this as well. I believe you to be a part of this worlds rebirth, so this, i find only fitting
[20/02/22 00:29] :Fang Archbane passed Marigold Nectar to Aia
[20/02/22 00:29] :Fang Archbane looks deep into her eyes, and cant help but study how time has changed us all
[20/02/22 00:30] Fang Archbane:Im not much. But if youll have me, ill always be at your side.
[20/02/22 00:30] Azull:getting attacked before anybody says hello... missed that
[20/02/22 00:30] Azull:greetings
[20/02/22 00:30] :Nepgear waves
[20/02/22 00:30] Aia:Fang, I have always accepted thee, as thou art, but I cannot give what I do not possess.
[20/02/22 00:30] lashtal:Greetings Azull, nice to see you
[20/02/22 00:31] :Chewett sends Azull a message
[20/02/22 00:31] Fang Archbane: *slowly stands up, and redons his cloak* Greetings Azull. Its always a pleasure old friend. Im all done now so *smiles at Aia, hoping she knows he needs nothing in return* the floor is all yours
[20/02/22 00:31] Else:Hello Azull ( you just appeared while I was in the middle of a rotation )
[20/02/22 00:31] :Aia waves to Azull
[20/02/22 00:32] Azull:Thank you Chew.
[20/02/22 00:32] Azull:Hi Else, Fang and everybody
[20/02/22 00:33] Aia:Azull, I do assume thou dost wish to speak?
[20/02/22 00:33] Azull:Aia. I have a gift for you. (just let me remember how to transfer :P)
[20/02/22 00:33] MaGoHi:hey azull
[20/02/22 00:33] Chewett: (I have three more people to speak for)
[20/02/22 00:33] Azull:Hey Mag :)
[20/02/22 00:33] Azull:I can wait
[20/02/22 00:34] Aia: *nods* If I may, then, hear thee speak for them, Chewett?
[20/02/22 00:34] Fang Archbane: (oh azull, aia made a cool chest, click it if you havnt ^^)
[20/02/22 00:34] :Chewett nods to Aia
[20/02/22 00:34] :Azull smiles
[20/02/22 00:35] Chewett:Klawdees is unable to make it here tonight
[20/02/22 00:35] Chewett:They wish me to say
[20/02/22 00:35] :Congratulations on being Queen of the Forest. You have recently been given colors as a reward, which gives you a little connection with the Tree that blooms in many colors. I trust you will use your newfound powers wisely and allow Loreroot to be a land filled with expressive beauty. Best of luck!
[20/02/22 00:36] :Chewett passed Rainbow Marble to Aia
[20/02/22 00:36] Chewett:They also wished you to have this *presents her the marble*
[20/02/22 00:36] :Aia accepts the marble and examines its pattern
[20/02/22 00:37] Fang Archbane:Aww :\'3
[20/02/22 00:37] Aia:Many thanks, Klawdees; may Bob bloom in ever glorious colours for thee also.
[20/02/22 00:38] Chewett:Chriselnenepr is also unable to be here tonight
[20/02/22 00:38] Chewett:They wished me to say the following
[20/02/22 00:38] :May this mysterious black rose grant you the mental fortitude required to rule the land. But be wary, as this carries a lingering scent of death
[20/02/22 00:38] :Chewett passed Black rose to Aia
[20/02/22 00:39] :Aia accepts the black rose from Chewett
[20/02/22 00:39] Aia:Chriselnenepr - life\'s value were made ever more precious by death; I do not fear it; and neither shall Loreroot.
[20/02/22 00:40] Chewett:And a final note, again apologies for them not being able to be here
[20/02/22 00:41] Chewett:Esmaralda is unfortunately not able to be here tonight, they asked me to say
[20/02/22 00:41] :I wish to gift her a brilliant diamond, to symbolize her inner beauty and the light she brings to the land, and a black rose to remind her of our deep connection to Necrovion, and the beauty that we share.
[20/02/22 00:41] :Chewett passed Black rose to Aia
[20/02/22 00:42] :Chewett passed Brilliant Diamond to Aia
[20/02/22 00:44] Aia:I am flattered that thou thinkst this of me, Esmaralda. I thank thee for sharing in the return of the Eclipse; and hope to discuss of Loreroot\'s future diplomacy with Necrovion with thee.
[20/02/22 00:44] Chewett:That is all on my list tonight Aia, thank you
[20/02/22 00:44] Aia: *smiles* Many thanks, Chewett.
[20/02/22 00:45] Aia:Azull, if I may listen to thee now?
[20/02/22 00:45] :Muratus del Mur wakes up, shales his head, and tries to listen to Azull
[20/02/22 00:46] Azull:a few moments please
[20/02/22 00:46] Aia: (While I am here: Apologies to Fang, I have obviously completely misinterpreted what he was saying and doing)
[20/02/22 00:46] MaGoHi: (lol i didnt read fangs stuff anyway, so dont worry xD )
[20/02/22 00:46] Fang Archbane: (Hrm? Oh, what, the whole loyalty statement and asking for knighthood? O.o)
[20/02/22 00:47] Aia: (Fang: I am grateful for thy loyalty; that which transcends lands. May Loreroot have many allies as devoted as thyself.)
[20/02/22 00:47] Aia: (Azull: let me know when)
[20/02/22 00:47] Fang Archbane: (^^)
[20/02/22 00:48] Fang Archbane: (No need to apologise either, its all good ^^)
[20/02/22 00:48] Aia:If there were none other to speak in the meantime, I should like to do so presently.
[20/02/22 00:48] :Miq prods chew
[20/02/22 00:48] :Chewett Looks at King Miq, someone who looks like he wants a caning
[20/02/22 00:48] Azull:I am ready
[20/02/22 00:49] Aia: *nods* Very well, Azull.
[20/02/22 00:49] :Azull passed Sword of Seven to Aia
[20/02/22 00:49] Azull:This sword was given to me a long time ago as a parting gift. It\'s owner, a well known and respected druid of the forest wanted me to have it upon his departure from this realm. Why we may never know.
[20/02/22 00:49] Azull:I have always considered myself merely its keeper until such time it could return to Loreroot. Today that day has finally come. Its meaning and purpose are now yours to discover.
[20/02/22 00:50] Azull:For myself. I extemd to you the same bond of friendship me and mine has always had with you and your people. *bows*
[20/02/22 00:50] Azull:May your reign be a good one.
[20/02/22 00:50] Nepgear:Now that\'s an amazing gift!
[20/02/22 00:50] Fang Archbane:Even when hes being nice, hes so ominous, i like it, picasso ;3;
[20/02/22 00:52] Aia:I am glad to accept this gift of behalf of Loreroot; I do hope it shall herald another era of Lorerootian greatness.
[20/02/22 00:52] :Azull nods at Aia
[20/02/22 00:53] Aia:Azull - ever since thou didst find me, and carry me to the Island of the Gateway, I have counted thee as friend.
[20/02/22 00:53] Aia:Let our lands be as our friendship.
[20/02/22 00:54] Aia:I thank thee for first believing in me that fateful day.
[20/02/22 00:54] :Azull smiles
[20/02/22 00:54] Aia:Thou didst spurn within myself a desire to shape our reality, without which I could not have been the Aia of today.
[20/02/22 00:55] Aia:I am blessed to have had thy mentorship and wisdom to guide me.
[20/02/22 00:56] :Aia turns to Chewett
[20/02/22 00:56] Azull: *smiles again* The blessing was mine as well.
[20/02/22 00:57] :Aia turns back to smile at Azull
[20/02/22 00:57] :Aia turns back to Chewett
[20/02/22 00:57] Aia:Dear Chewett, the grandest of Dukes and, I believe, the rightful heir to the realm of Mur - I thank thee for thine implicit trust, and for helping my visions become real.
[20/02/22 00:58] Chewett:That is very kind for you to say, I did very little, it is primarily your hard work
[20/02/22 00:58] Aia:For the tireless hours thou didst spend to create this day for myself, and all gathered here.
[20/02/22 00:59] Chewett:Ah well, it is what I do *smiles*
[20/02/22 01:00] Aia: *smiles* We are all blessed by thy presence.
[20/02/22 01:00] Fang Archbane:Agreed
[20/02/22 01:01] Aia:And to Mur, and all others who did create this realm;
[20/02/22 01:01] Aia:I thank thee not only for this creation, but also, for believing in me and all that I may do within it.
[20/02/22 01:02] :Else plunders ☻2 heads by attacking MaGoHi
[20/02/22 01:02] Aia:Finally, to all that I may call friend, or even those that have graced me with their presence; I thank thee also, for blessing me with happy memories.
[20/02/22 01:03] Aia:I hope that I have repaid the favour in kind.
[20/02/22 01:03] Miq:summoning is nat grace
[20/02/22 01:03] :[Spell] Blinded by the sun else
[20/02/22 01:04] Miq:I must say that being pulled here twice is somewhat if not utterly bad
[20/02/22 01:04] Miq:i just hope this was done by Mur not anyone else
[20/02/22 01:05] Aia:Miq; if I may: although the first time was my doing, the second were only my doing in an indirect manner.
[20/02/22 01:06] Miq:i remember a jester who was jailed for this
[20/02/22 01:06] Aia:I imagine the King of Golemus must wish for more comfortable measures to travel; I, personally, do prefer of portals to balloons.
[20/02/22 01:06] Chewett: *looks at Mur being somewhat drunken* Yes Mur did it Miq
[20/02/22 01:06] Chewett:Both times
[20/02/22 01:07] Chewett:We should punish him!
[20/02/22 01:07] Miq:so while i support the new queen of loreroot, this action i find offencive
[20/02/22 01:07] Vicious:Queen Aia! I have to apologise for my slowness. I wanted to say a quick few words of congratulations as not to bog down the ceremony too much. Now we seem to have moved into informalities...
[20/02/22 01:07] Aia:Oh, not at all; I should apologise for having passed thee over for the opportunity to speak.
[20/02/22 01:08] Nepgear: (just say that the shades did it, works almost all the time)
[20/02/22 01:08] Vicious: *grins slightly and shrugs.* There\'s a lot going on.
[20/02/22 01:08] Aia:The floor were thine, Vicious.
[20/02/22 01:08] Vicious:We likely don\'t share the history that you do with many here, but I do remember our few meetings, and I\'ve always left your presence feeling enthused and genuinely, at one point inspired to... DO more
[20/02/22 01:09] :Death Ray failed to cast a spell
[20/02/22 01:09] Vicious:I knew Lintara quite well for a long time, and I was always immensely proud that someone I\'d considered a mentor figure had taken the crown of these lands.
[20/02/22 01:10] Vicious:While I\'m obviously saddened to hear of her departure, I\'m overjoyed to hear that the legacy will be continued by one such as yourself.
[20/02/22 01:11] Vicious:I wish I had something meaningful to gift you in line with how pleased I am to congratulate you on this, but I suppose a flower shower will have to do for now!
[20/02/22 01:12] Vicious:All praise be to Queen Aia, may she reign long and wisely!
[20/02/22 01:12] :Chewett nodes to what Vici is saying
[20/02/22 01:12] :Muratus del Mur wakes up ...LOOONNGG LIIVEE THE QUIINN ...hic
[20/02/22 01:12] Vicious:And continue to drag me back into these lands. *With a slight smirk,* alike to poor Miq.
[20/02/22 01:13] :Vicious passed Flowers to Aia
[20/02/22 01:13] Aia:Thou\'rt very kind to have thought this of one who could not speak with thee at length. Still, for Lintara, I hope I shall continue her legacy in kind.
[20/02/22 01:14] Aia:I shall be reminded to seek of the good in others, even if our conversations are brief.
[20/02/22 01:14] Aia: (reminder for all who arrived late, or didn\'t get it yet: open the chest)
[20/02/22 01:15] :Else plunders ☻2 heads by attacking MaGoHi
[20/02/22 01:15] :Miq mutilated Else and took all ☻121 heads.
[20/02/22 01:16] Aia:If there are naught else who would speak, I would invite all to partake of the excellent liqueur that Fyrd hath procured this day, and enjoy of the festivity.
[20/02/22 01:16] samon:Allow me to also speak a few words as a simple shadow of the past and one who dwells in the Lands of the Dead
[20/02/22 01:16] :Invie sliced Miq and took all ☻121 heads.
[20/02/22 01:17] Aia: *nods* Samon; apologies, please do speak.
[20/02/22 01:17] samon:I\'m not usually one who speaks much, but, in life, Loreroot has always been very welcoming to me.
[20/02/22 01:17] samon:Furthermore, those who follow the night, have always been very near to those passed away.
[20/02/22 01:18] samon:As such I wish you an eventful rule, full of life
[20/02/22 01:18] :Invie gives 121 heads to Aia
[20/02/22 01:18] :Aia aquired Dominion Journey Pass
[20/02/22 01:18] samon:And if you or yours ever pass away, know that they will be welcomed with open arms in the Lands of the Dead.
[20/02/22 01:18] samon:As a small token of appreciation I shall give you an hourglass that may help you keep track of time at night.
[20/02/22 01:18] :samon passed Reversed hourglass to Aia
[20/02/22 01:19] :Aia accepts the hourglass and re-reverses it to see what it does
[20/02/22 01:19] :Else overpowered Aia and took all ☻121 heads.
[20/02/22 01:20] Aia:Samon; may Loreroot grant the living the solace that thou dost grant the Dead.
[20/02/22 01:20] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:20] :[Spell] Blinded by the sun else
[20/02/22 01:20] Aia:Although I should wish it not for some time, I will certainly enjoy of thy company when the time should arise.
[20/02/22 01:21] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking MaGoHi
[20/02/22 01:21] samon:I wish our next meeting shall be far in the future
[20/02/22 01:21] samon:Long live the queen
[20/02/22 01:21] :Death Ray overcame MaGoHi and took all ☻1 heads.
[20/02/22 01:22] :samon fades off in the shadows
[20/02/22 01:22] :Aia waves farewell to samon
[20/02/22 01:22] Death Ray:Else how do you dare attack Aia?
[20/02/22 01:23] Aia: (Death Ray: Check the triggers box)
[20/02/22 01:23] Aia: (Where do you think the fightcause is coming from?)
[20/02/22 01:23] Miq:How dare you to live!
[20/02/22 01:23] :jakubhi grins
[20/02/22 01:23] :MaGoHi plunders ☻1 heads by attacking Death Ray
[20/02/22 01:24] Death Ray: (Not sure?)
[20/02/22 01:25] Aia: (Someone who is very prolific is attacking people with a fightcause "iloveyouaia" ... not sure who it is, but I\'m looking at the people who are taking heads)
[20/02/22 01:25] Sunfire:Queen Aia, if i may?
[20/02/22 01:25] Aia:Sunfire! Certainly.
[20/02/22 01:27] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:27] Sunfire:Queen Aia, priestess of the evening sky. For the past months if not years we have seen you help shape the realm in ways we did not expect.
[20/02/22 01:27] :redneck plunders ☻1 heads by attacking MaGoHi
[20/02/22 01:27] :Death Ray plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:29] Sunfire:You have shown great care and respect to this realm and its inhabitants. We can only look forward to what you can bring to your homeland. But i think we can safely say a golden era is coming.
[20/02/22 01:31] Sunfire:Long live the Queen, long live Loreroot. And may your dynasty be one to never be forgotten
[20/02/22 01:32] :Sunfire passed Thorny Crown to Aia
[20/02/22 01:32] Aia:I hope that thou dost prophesy true, Sunfire.
[20/02/22 01:32] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:33] Aia:I shall fulfil this as best I may.
[20/02/22 01:34] Aia:Do let me know if thou wouldst wish to be part of this golden era.
[20/02/22 01:34] :Aia takes a moment to stare at the fireworks which are still going
[20/02/22 01:34] Aia: (Sunfire: remember to click the chest)
[20/02/22 01:35] Sunfire: *bows his head* we shall speak about the future soon i hope
[20/02/22 01:35] MaGoHi:AIA!
[20/02/22 01:35] Aia: *smiles* MaGoHi?
[20/02/22 01:36] Aia:Dost thou wish to speak?
[20/02/22 01:36] MaGoHi:I am neither ruler nor am i leader, so all i can wish you for your future as queen is good luck
[20/02/22 01:37] :MaGoHi passed Rose Incense to Aia
[20/02/22 01:38] Death Ray: (how do i add Aia as a friend? I don\'t see that button?)
[20/02/22 01:38] Aia: *smiles* Thou needst not be either to Aia to know that MaGoHi had been her friend and company for many months upon an otherwise deserted island.
[20/02/22 01:38] Chewett: (click on her avatar, then right of her tag)
[20/02/22 01:38] : Monday collects Branches
[20/02/22 01:38] Aia: (*for Aia to know)
[20/02/22 01:39] : Monday collects Tree bark
[20/02/22 01:39] : Monday collects Water
[20/02/22 01:39] :Muratus del Mur thinks that he never heard so many good words at a coronation before
[20/02/22 01:39] : Monday collects Resin
[20/02/22 01:39] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:39] Sunfire: (you need free friend list slots, you can get those in the shop)
[20/02/22 01:40] Death Ray: (still don\'t see it chew)
[20/02/22 01:40] Aia: (Might actually be a display thing actually)
[20/02/22 01:40] Chewett:(You might need more slots, I can see it:
[20/02/22 01:40] Chewett:Queen of Loreroot - friend )
[20/02/22 01:40] lashtal: (Can\'t see +friend?)
[20/02/22 01:40] :MaGoHi plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Death Ray
[20/02/22 01:40] Death Ray: (nope)
[20/02/22 01:40] Sunfire: (Or remove someone from your current list)
[20/02/22 01:40] Death Ray: (i have plenty of slots tho)
[20/02/22 01:41] Chewett:Send me an image on Discord DG please
[20/02/22 01:41] :Else plunders ☻2 heads by attacking MaGoHi
[20/02/22 01:41] Aia: (This reminds me: Chewett - can I have the LR tools/spells that Lintara had for citizenship)
[20/02/22 01:41] lashtal: (Aia -> More -> friend)
[20/02/22 01:41] Aia: (I can\'t add Death Ray to Loreroot yet)
[20/02/22 01:42] Death Ray: (ok my mistake, I was out of slots. Aia is now my friend!)
[20/02/22 01:43] Vicious: (Friendship over with X. Aia is my friend now)
[20/02/22 01:43] Aia: (well, when you put it that way...)
[20/02/22 01:43] Death Ray: (Well that person \'\'X\'\' was the demo account)
[20/02/22 01:44] Kaya Salta: ( :( Demo deserves friends too)
[20/02/22 01:44] Death Ray: (true but where is said demo?)
[20/02/22 01:45] Vicious: (Thinks he\'s too good for this ceremony, that Demo)
[20/02/22 01:45] :Miq muted Death Ray and won't see any chat messages from this player during current session.
[20/02/22 01:45] :Miq muted Vicious and won't see any chat messages from this player during current session.
[20/02/22 01:45] :Miq muted Kaya Salta and won't see any chat messages from this player during current session.
[20/02/22 01:45] :Miq muted lashtal and won't see any chat messages from this player during current session.
[20/02/22 01:45] :Miq muted Aia and won't see any chat messages from this player during current session.
[20/02/22 01:45] :Death Ray plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:45] Chewett:MICKY NO!
[20/02/22 01:45] Aia:I shall need to retire soon, but before this were so, a final call for aught who would wish to speak?
[20/02/22 01:45] Chewett:WE LOVE YOU
[20/02/22 01:45] Kaya Salta: (Sorry ^^\')
[20/02/22 01:45] Vicious: (OH jeez, why is that posted in chat)
[20/02/22 01:45] Miq:Hmm
[20/02/22 01:45] Miq:Not worx
[20/02/22 01:45] : Monday collects Branches
[20/02/22 01:46] :Miq unmuted Aia and can see all chat messages from this player.
[20/02/22 01:46] Chewett:I think thats that Aia!
[20/02/22 01:46] Chewett:I will take a log and post it in various places :D
[20/02/22 01:46] Aia:Many thanks, Chewett, for making this event happen.
[20/02/22 01:46] Muratus del Mur: (Aia pm)
[20/02/22 01:46] Chewett:Aia whats your ID?
[20/02/22 01:46] Aia:I shall read the log fondly in years to come.
[20/02/22 01:46] Aia: (113041)
[20/02/22 01:47] Chewett:4 Items Transferred6965 Loreroot Royal Seal Ring8298 Citizenship Records of LR8725 LR Writ of Revocation8730 LR Scepter of Excommunication
[20/02/22 01:47] Aia: (Mur: is it the one I replied to?)
[20/02/22 01:47] Aia: (Thankyou Chewett! Did she also have a bringin spell that I can inherit?)
[20/02/22 01:48] :Chewett shrugs
[20/02/22 01:48] :Chewett nods
[20/02/22 01:48] Death Ray:I gave flowers
[20/02/22 01:48] :Chewett waves his arms around seemingly randomly then points at Aia
[20/02/22 01:48] Chewett:Tada
[20/02/22 01:48] Chewett:Or something like that
[20/02/22 01:48] Chewett:You have a new spell!
[20/02/22 01:48] Nepgear: (idk but she did have one that is crazy good for... messing people up :D)
[20/02/22 01:49] Miq:Hmm
[20/02/22 01:49] Sunfire: (path keeper maybe)
[20/02/22 01:49] Muratus del Mur:it doesn\'t need a reply, title "Queen"
[20/02/22 01:49] Aia: (I don\'t think she ever used that in my presence, if that is the description, Nepgear)
[20/02/22 01:50] Aia: (Oh! I have read that, and replied, but I can\'t find the reply now)
[20/02/22 01:50] Aia: (Oh, there it is)
[20/02/22 01:50] Muratus del Mur: (i dont see a reply)
[20/02/22 01:50] Nepgear: (My memories are rather hazy tbh)
[20/02/22 01:50] Aia: (I will resend it)
[20/02/22 01:50] Muratus del Mur:sorry, i found it :)
[20/02/22 01:51] Vicious:New spells!
[20/02/22 01:51] Aia: (I don\'t think Lintara ever got spells to go to the Path Keeper, to be honest)
[20/02/22 01:51] Aia: (I think that was simplyzero that had those)
[20/02/22 01:52] Sunfire: (There have been people with access before from LR, but i cant say if it was for rulership. I was too young to bother)
[20/02/22 01:52] Aia: (Spell received, thanks Chewett!)
[20/02/22 01:53] Aia: (Sunfire: I have access through administrative tools, so any spell that would grant someone access can now technically be obsolete if I so desire)
[20/02/22 01:53] Aia: (I will have to think about whether it is appropriate and what to do with it)
[20/02/22 01:54] :redneck plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:54] Aia: (and no Ledah, not putting a new creature there yet)
[20/02/22 01:55] Aia: (someone needs to snapshot the fightcauses here, they are very amusing)
[20/02/22 01:55] :Death Ray plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[20/02/22 01:56] Nepgear: (https://i.gyazo.com/e49b7599bc8e82a597dae46cc6460de3.png)
[20/02/22 01:56] Death Ray: (Someone is fighting for Aia\'s love)
[20/02/22 01:56] Chewett:I have saved some too :D
[20/02/22 01:57] :Ailith giggles
[20/02/22 01:58] Aia:A final call to all who would receive the gift within this chest.
[20/02/22 01:59] Death Ray:Thank you for the gift!
[20/02/22 01:59] :MaGoHi grins at the statement
[20/02/22 01:59] Aia:Open it now, or forever remain curious.
[20/02/22 01:59] :MaGoHi chuckles
[20/02/22 02:00] :Aia disenchants the chest
[20/02/22 02:00] Vicious:Poof!
[20/02/22 02:00] : Monday collects Branches
[20/02/22 02:00] jakubhi:Bang
[20/02/22 02:00] : Monday collects Water
[20/02/22 02:00] Aia:On the other hand, Fyrd\'s liqueur may remain for as long as it shall last.
[20/02/22 02:00] : Monday collects Resin
[20/02/22 02:01] MaGoHi:always sad to see a chest disappear *:D*
[20/02/22 02:01] :chewett2 missed the chest
[20/02/22 02:01] : redneck collects Tree bark
[20/02/22 02:01] : redneck collects Lumber
[20/02/22 02:02] Aia:I shall away to slumber; but remain for those who do fight for a noble cause.
[20/02/22 02:02] Aia:Thanks to all, and adieu.
[20/02/22 02:02] jakubhi:Good night
[20/02/22 02:02] :I am Bored waves
[20/02/22 02:03] Azull:Goodnigbt
[20/02/22 02:03] I am Bored: (Now for an interesting challenge, defeating a few NPCs that have respawned due to gateway island, while having -10k attack myself, and every other stat is negative)
[20/02/22 02:03] MaGoHi:night
[20/02/22 02:03] Muratus del Mur:Long live the Queen!
[20/02/22 02:03] Muratus del Mur:gnight everyoner
[20/02/22 02:03] Chewett:Long live the Queen
[20/02/22 02:03] jakubhi: (Won\'t be bored for a while, eh ?)
[20/02/22 02:03] Chewett:Goodnight!
[20/02/22 02:04] Aia: (I am Bored: I hear there is a Lorerootian draught that might help.)
[20/02/22 02:04] Aia: (goodnight!)
[20/02/22 02:04] jakubhi: (Sleep is for the weak ! And I am in dire need of it, have fun)
[20/02/22 02:04] Death Ray:LR!
[20/02/22 02:04] Aia: (oh wait)
[20/02/22 02:04] Vicious: (Goodnight!)
[20/02/22 02:04] Aia:Death Ray; while all do bear witness:
[20/02/22 02:05] Death Ray: *gasps* yes
[20/02/22 02:05] Aia:Do I have thy pledge of loyalty to Loreroot, and to its Queen, alliances, and inhabitants?
[20/02/22 02:05] Death Ray:Yes Yes
[20/02/22 02:05] Death Ray:Always and forever!
[20/02/22 02:06] Death Ray:Also my cats!
[20/02/22 02:06] Aia:Then welcome home, Death Ray!
[20/02/22 02:06] :Aia applauds
[20/02/22 02:07] Nepgear: *nods* Cats are important.
[20/02/22 02:07] jakubhi: (welcome~)
[20/02/22 02:07] :Muratus del Mur applauds Death Ray
[20/02/22 02:07] Aia:Apologies that thou didst wait overlong to return.
[20/02/22 02:07] redneck:Congrats Dray
[20/02/22 02:07] Nepgear:Welcome ~
[20/02/22 02:07] :MaGoHi applauds
[20/02/22 02:07] Aia: (and definitely now I need to go!)
[20/02/22 02:07] MaGoHi: (take care)
[20/02/22 02:08] Aia: (you too!)
[20/02/22 02:08] redneck:Sleep tight Queen, dont let the windigo bite!
[20/02/22 02:08] jakubhi: (night night)
[20/02/22 02:08] Muratus del Mur:tomorrow surprize from Chew
[20/02/22 02:08] Death Ray:The work put in and wait was well worth it to be done on such a day as yours!
[20/02/22 02:08] Chewett:Err what :D
[20/02/22 02:08] Chewett:What surprise?
[20/02/22 02:09] Muratus del Mur:umm, you know
[20/02/22 02:09] jakubhi: (wait till I document the AP bug, that will be a real surprise..)
[20/02/22 02:09] Muratus del Mur:fb
[20/02/22 02:09] Chewett:Ah yes
[20/02/22 02:09] Chewett:The surprise
[20/02/22 02:09] Chewett:I need to prepare it
[20/02/22 02:09] Muratus del Mur:yep
[20/02/22 02:09] Muratus del Mur::D
[20/02/22 02:09] Sunfire:More work for the wookie
[20/02/22 02:09] Muratus del Mur:always, wookie never sleeps
[20/02/22 02:10] Sunfire:And congrats death ray
[20/02/22 02:10] Death Ray:Thank you!
[20/02/22 02:10] Vicious:Congratulations, Death Ray.
[20/02/22 02:10] Death Ray:I got to share the day
[20/02/22 02:15] Nepgear:The ceremony was pretty amazing
[20/02/22 02:15] Muratus del Mur:indeed
[20/02/22 02:16] Muratus del Mur:someone should grab a log and make it putblic for historic reasons
[20/02/22 02:17] :[Spell] whatwasthat
[20/02/22 02:17] Muratus del Mur: *biglike* :)
[20/02/22 02:18] :Ailith smiles




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