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Art Contest - Underwater Bagpipes

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I need an image for a special inventory item - my Underwater Bagpipes.

Description: "Made from the lovingly preserved bones and skin of a Water Being, they make an amazingly piercing sound. Sounds much better when played underwater."  The image should have fish-scale on the bag portion, the tubes should be recognizably bones, and there should be stylizations suggestive of life underwater.

I will reward your contributions as follows (you could get all 3):

1. 1 silver for any properly composed image (pixels, alpha, etc.) as long as the contest remains open.  Alts are okay, but such images must be distinctly different in composition and style.  If you wish to submit improved versions later, that's okay, but won't get a second silver.

2. 5 credit package to the artist if I actually upload and use the image.

3. If there are enough submissions to make this a competitive contest, I will reward those that place in the top 50%, maximum of 5.  If 10 submissions top artist gets 5 gold, next 4 gold, and so forth - top prize will be gold equal to the number of artists being awarded in this way.

Upload your image files here - I am interested in feedback from all, but I will be the ultimate judge here - I am the patron, you the artist.  I will call the contest whenever I choose, with 24 hours notice.

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So 2 weeks have gone by, and there are no contributions.  Let me change the rules.

If you think you are ABLE to create such a drawing, contact me and we can negotiate a fee for you to try, and the bonus if I use it.

I have a second item that needs an image, and perhaps we can get the GM's to sponsor additional artworks, so it could become a continuing gig.

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