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Jakubhi's 17th Anniversary Story, and welcome, to the Eclipse

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Herewith, a log of the events for those that did miss it:

[23/04/22 01:05] Chewett:Welcome all!
[23/04/22 01:07] lashtal:Hello Hello
[23/04/22 01:10] Chewett:Hey Lashtal
[23/04/22 01:11] Ledah:Nice... nice...
[23/04/22 01:15] Chewett:Alas, it seems today we will be unable to kill people!
[23/04/22 01:16] Ledah:No! What a terrible day!
[23/04/22 01:22] Chewett:Alas,
[23/04/22 01:22] Chewett:Although maybe there will be some boxes around
[23/04/22 01:22] Chewett:I don't know! Aia is keen on them
[23/04/22 01:24] Ledah:Boxes eh....
[23/04/22 01:24] Ledah:Sound tempting...
[23/04/22 03:33] Kyphis:I mean he did just lament that we can't kill anyone then advise that there may be boxes around... kinda sounds like death is implied
[23/04/22 04:03] Death Ray:Boxes?
[23/04/22 04:04] :Death Ray plunders ☻2 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[23/04/22 04:04] Seimich:Glitters and sparkles. Pretty cure on! haha
[23/04/22 04:05] Death Ray:I killed>>
[23/04/22 05:52] :Nepgear plunders ☻1 heads by attacking stavaroiu
[23/04/22 07:35] jakubhi:good morning~
[23/04/22 07:36] Nepgear: *waves* Morning ~
[23/04/22 07:56] :Else slashed Nepgear and took all ☻1 heads.
[23/04/22 08:01] :Aia waves to the gathered beings
[23/04/22 08:01] Nepgear:Morning, Queen Aia ~
[23/04/22 08:02] Aia: (anyone see where jakubhi went?)
[23/04/22 08:03] Nepgear: (Hmm...)
[23/04/22 08:06] Aia:Greetings to all this day.
[23/04/22 08:06] Nepgear: (There he is)
[23/04/22 08:08] Aia:I am glad for the presence of all; and do welcome thee within our borders, although I would think all welcome at any time.
[23/04/22 08:11] Aia:Let us this day reflect on our growth as a realm; to the community that has built it and kept it alive, to our own individual growth as beings.
[23/04/22 08:12] Aia:Those of the other-realm, no doubt, will also have changed as the years have passed.
[23/04/22 08:13] Aia:Loreroot, mayhap, doth serve as an allegory for this; although each shall grow at her own pace, and be blessed in different ways; we all make part of the realm, and of the other-realm.
[23/04/22 08:15] Aia:This day, I commend thee to thine own growth; to make friendships and relationships that stand; to nurture those around thee, and to improve our own respective realms in any way we may.
[23/04/22 08:16] Aia:Be kind and merciful, even to the undeserving; and most of all, to thyself.
[23/04/22 08:17] Aia:This day, I commission the Lore Manor to hold ever more that may grow and develop our character.
[23/04/22 08:18] Aia:And as part of his own growth, I do now ask Jakubhi to step forward this day.
[23/04/22 08:19] :Aia motions to Jakubhi to come forward
[23/04/22 08:19] :jakubhi smiles and stands up
[23/04/22 08:20] :jakubhi silently takes out a red book
[23/04/22 08:20] Aia:Twofold shall be his growth this day; onefold to help to fill the Lore Manor with his gift, which I bid him share with thee this day.
[23/04/22 08:21] :jakubhi nods to Aia and opens the book
[23/04/22 08:21] Aia:Indeed, for mine coronation, I had received a story from him which I did dearly enjoy; and I do ask him to read another of his stories this day.
[23/04/22 08:21] :Aia nods to Jakubhi to begin
[23/04/22 08:22] :Nepgear listens in anticipation
[23/04/22 08:22] jakubhi:Hello everyone, this story takes place here, in Loreroot, in a nearby scene
[23/04/22 08:23] :jakubhi starts reading
[23/04/22 08:24] jakubhi:It was a warm summer day.
[23/04/22 08:24] jakubhi:The sun, high in the sky, was accompanied by a few white clouds.
[23/04/22 08:24] jakubhi:There, under all of this, a young Water Being was resting between grass patches at the edge of Raven's Peace lake.
[23/04/22 08:25] jakubhi:The Water Being inhaled the fresh air before flicking its tail to move to another patch of the tasty grass.
[23/04/22 08:25] jakubhi:This movement created a small ripple on the otherwise calm lake surface.
[23/04/22 08:25] jakubhi:The Water Being's many snake heads lazily flicked their tongues in and out.
[23/04/22 08:25] jakubhi:The previous few days were very tiring for it.
[23/04/22 08:26] jakubhi:Its mother kept it and its siblings in their hole at the bottom of the lake.
[23/04/22 08:26] jakubhi:They were not allowed to go outside,
[23/04/22 08:26] jakubhi:and every time they tried to escape from the dark, their mother brought them back.
[23/04/22 08:27] jakubhi:The Water Being did not know why their mother would act like that.
[23/04/22 08:28] jakubhi:Why would she keep them there, when the tasty grass was outside?
[23/04/22 08:28] jakubhi:Why be bored in the dark where you could not move, surrounded by the many of your siblings?
[23/04/22 08:28] jakubhi:Finally, the Water Being managed to escape.
[23/04/22 08:29] :jakubhi flips to the next page
[23/04/22 08:29] jakubhi:Their mother went out, probably to bring them something to eat,
[23/04/22 08:29] jakubhi:but that was not able to fully feed the many children she had.
[23/04/22 08:29] jakubhi:Before the mother started acting weird, they were taking care of themselves.
[23/04/22 08:29] jakubhi:They were not the small Water Beings anymore !
[23/04/22 08:30] jakubhi:Maybe not as big as their mother yet, but they did not need the mother to bring them food.
[23/04/22 08:30] jakubhi:So, the Water Being sneaked outside.
[23/04/22 08:30] jakubhi:With steady flips of its tail, it went to the lake's edge to find the best grass, just how the mother taught.
[23/04/22 08:30] jakubhi:The Water Being remembered it all correctly.
[23/04/22 08:30] jakubhi:Not minding the weird scent in the air, it continued in its routine.
[23/04/22 08:31] jakubhi:It ate and ate, filling the half empty stomach.
[23/04/22 08:31] jakubhi:And with each tail flick, the distance from the land grew shorter and shorter.
[23/04/22 08:31] jakubhi:Suddenly, the Water Being stopped. It heard something.
[23/04/22 08:31] jakubhi:Oh no, the mother had come back! Now she would know that it did not listen to her!
[23/04/22 08:32] jakubhi:The Water Being started to swim towards the hole, uncertainly. Mother might even bite it as a punishment. She sounded sooo angry, and.. A bit worried?
[23/04/22 08:32] jakubhi:For the second time that day, something surprised the Water Being .
[23/04/22 08:32] jakubhi:This sound was not from the direction of its mother.
[23/04/22 08:32] jakubhi:No, it was from the patches of high grass from behind it.
[23/04/22 08:32] jakubhi:Meanwhile, the mother stopped calling. She knew she already risked too much with her previously calling.
[23/04/22 08:33] jakubhi:Only silence answered her. Another child lost, maybe to sate one's hunger, or bound to servitude.
[23/04/22 08:33] :jakubhi stops reading
[23/04/22 08:33] :jakubhi bows
[23/04/22 08:33] :Aia takes a moment to reflect on the story
[23/04/22 08:33] :Aia claps for Jakubhi
[23/04/22 08:34] Nepgear: (Now I feel kinda bad about recruiting them xD )
[23/04/22 08:34] :Nepgear claps
[23/04/22 08:34] Aia:I do hope that thou wilt grace the shelves of the Lore Manor with thy gift, Jakubhi.
[23/04/22 08:35] jakubhi: *nods* I will.
[23/04/22 08:35] Aia:I have also heard of thy desire to become one of the Children of the Eclipse.
[23/04/22 08:35] :jakubhi nods
[23/04/22 08:35] Aia:We would be honoured to have one as thee among ourselves.
[23/04/22 08:36] :Aia returns the LR Scepter to her inventory and dusts off her other staff
[23/04/22 08:37] Aia:Jakubhi; I know that thou hast already pledged loyalty to Loreroot and her Queen; wilst thou serve the will of Luna and her everwatching gaze?
[23/04/22 08:39] jakubhi:Yes, I will serve.
[23/04/22 08:39] Aia:Let her wisdom be manifest in thee, then, this day and for always.
[23/04/22 08:41] :Aia taps jakubhi lightly on the shoulder with the glowing moonstone at the end of the Staff of Lunar Consecration
[23/04/22 08:41] Aia:Arise, Jakubhi of Loreroot, and of Luna; blessed be, and be a blessing to all.
[23/04/22 08:42] :jakubhi rises up
[23/04/22 08:42] Nepgear:Aaah, about time *grins*
[23/04/22 08:42] :jakubhi bows to Aia again
[23/04/22 08:42] :Aia looks skyward to see a rain of stars into the surrounding area
[23/04/22 08:42] Nepgear:Congratulations
[23/04/22 08:42] :Aia curtsies to jakubhi
[23/04/22 08:43] Aia:I believe Luna hath given her approval.
[23/04/22 08:43] :jakubhi bows to everyone
[23/04/22 08:43] Else: (welcome to the menu)
[23/04/22 08:43] :jakubhi winks at Nep
[23/04/22 08:43] :Nepgear grins
[23/04/22 08:43] :Aia peeks inside the chest nearby
[23/04/22 08:43] jakubhi:Thank you
[23/04/22 08:44] Aia:To all present; I believe there are many such blessings that await thee, if thou shouldst merely wander around these lands.
[23/04/22 08:44] Aia:May each aid in thy growth.
[23/04/22 08:45] Aia: (Just confirming: is this chest in this scene working?)
[23/04/22 08:45] jakubhi: (yes)
[23/04/22 08:47] :[Spell] **audite** jakubhi

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