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Free Credits; 2 questions.


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~_~ I know I asked this a while ago, when the this announcement first came out:

Because several players abuse this page by just clicking the links and not voting, the activity here will be monitored on a random selection of players and from time to time players will be selected for a permanent ban of this page (plus other penalizations) If you dont care to vote where it is to vote and just click the links for the credits dont do it because you will lose more than you gain by doing this. Errors you get on these links should be reported asap. Thank you for understanding.

But then I was gone for a while, and I can't find the topic now, so:

For convenience, I used to click all the links and then use the bonuses given from the links right away, due to the counter. I often attack people to add to my VP in addition to the bonus or try to use my extra VE, and only vote on the sites after the counter has reset (meaning, after 10 mins have elapsed).

What I'm asking is, now that the voting is being monitered, does it matter if I don't vote on those sites until a while later? Is there a specific period of time in which I should vote after clicking the link?

Another thing: Glaistig and I share the same IP address. Because of that, sometimes one of our votes aren't counted on the sites. Would we be mistaken for abusers because of this as well?

It would probably help if I knew how the whole voting thing is monitered. :l I mean, if it's done manually, then my voting after 10 minutes have elapsed probably wouldn't really matter unless someone just happened to check in between my clicking on the link and my voting, and the chances are probably not likely, since it's just a group a time, but I could still be mistaken. . . or if it's done automatically in some way--ah, whatever. :) I can't think through these things.

Anyway, if someone could tell me whether these things matter, that would be great. Sorry for my roundabout way of explaining u_u;

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I do same thing Lu... I click all links first and get the bonus I need... then 5-10 mins later I go back to the open pages and actually vote on the links.

I know it doesnt answer your question, but hopefully it puts your mind at ease :)

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  • Root Admin

the checking system is very permissive.

I want to spot out just those players that are realy assholes and never vote. If you act as a normal user and vote the game after you open the link normaly you should not have a problem.

Also if the vote is not accepted because its same ip there is no problem because the system is only counting the fact that you voted not the result of the vote.

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