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is 24h wait worth it?


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Hey all got some questions

Ive been thinking to always select the 24 hour waiting in story for max skill gaining, my question is is it worth it ?

Currently ive got 13 wins and 36 losses should i keep increasing the loss number or should i start winning some battles ?

Do Skills and Rituals got a cap ?

And Last ive been trying to find new creatures to replace the Aramors can anyone give me some pointers to its locations ?

Sorry if its too much questions, but hope someone can help


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24 h meditation ALWAYS worth it.

The purpose of this game is to be balanced so the number of wins must be equal to the number of loses. But this is not always an advantage. Also it depends on what you want to do next and how you want to play. So it's entirely up to you. If you wish you can start winning or you can let it like this. IN the end you will need a certain numbers of wins so you can advance to the next mp level.

To recruit new creatures try Marind Bell (next to the sanctuary). It's a well known place.

I forgot: rituals have a max cap. I mean you can win with a ritual 100 battles then it's maxed out. BUt you ca continue to use it. There is not a maximum cap for skills and number of rituals. You can create as many as you like and you can get as many skill points as you can.

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Thanks for the info Innundo

But now i got another question i saw in the faq that the game gots a xp cap for every mp so that players dont get too strong, but my question is this if i get to the xp cap does that mean that when if decide for example get new creatures to train them and see how their fare in combat before moving for mp4 i will not be able to do it because they cant get xp ?

Sorry for my bad english :) but this question has been on my mind for a while

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You can buy new creatures when you are at max xp but you cannot train them because they will receive no wins and no xp. The only thing they will get is...age(they always get age). :)

Btw:thanks Innu for that. I forgot since I just know about it from players. I never experienced it myself.

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