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Hmm... Special armors and weapons designed for special characters?

By special, I mean for example, Metal Bunny. He might have a carrot or something for a weapon.

The specialized things are not used for buffing stats or snything just for deco.

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Plus these equipments and such could really enhance the overall flavor of player-controlled stuff. What I mean is, players could essentially place their items in the game where others would write about these special things. They would not be ordinary, and unique is the flow of the game! Great idea Sol!

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but then if they were going to be unique the ammount of power,attack,defense would have to change orrrr....

each weapon has a high but ismilar atack/defense/power/regen but it has 1 spell with it like 1 of 3 basic spells:


boost stats temp

curse stats temp

thne it would be more individual with a player only being able to use the ability a few times a day

great idea sol :angry:

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To make this a bit less of a balance issue, instead of buying equipment we can buy alterations to the figure.

For example, let's say that Morgana wants her Keys.

She buys the keys, and then whenever someone fights her, her weapon looks like those keys. She can use any weapon she wants, or even no weapon at all, but it'll look like her Keys.

As an added note, I can really use a pair of flaming silvery wings.

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