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History of the inner magic docs

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As i allready said , the publication of these docs is a big step from my point of view. Not so long ago i was imagining that these docs or the outer magic (special actions) will be part of the final game version, but in time i realised that it will probably never be a final version because the game will always evolve.

With the publication of the docs i realised that the game passed a stage that i was thinking it will be beyond Alpha stage.

A lot of you are probably confused and dont quite understand what these docs are about or what their use is... well i wont explain that here. For the time beeing just enjoy them as they are, a simple collection of "things" :)

These docs were build before the game was conceived, they are not made up for the game, but i dare to say the whole game was made up for them. When i think of these docs i think about a part of my life that i put aside for a very long time because i got into computer/webdevelopment business and i sware one day i will stop looking at a stupid monitor and get back to the things that i realy enjoy doing.

Who remebers Adi?, the genius that wrote the storyline texts :D ... well everyone has its own personal interests and i can not blame him he stopped beeing part of this project. He translated the texts from Romanian to English. I have to say it was a dificult translation because the original texts i wrote in ro contained several subtle parts that a normal translator usualy omits or skipps. I stayed on the poor guys head for every word he translated to keep the meaning, and i dont think anyone else except him could have translated these texts better. In same cases the english version sounds much better than the romanian, but i am afraid in some other cases the romanian still contains traces of info i could not put in clear words and i left it there for those that know where to look...oh well , sometimes you need to make small sacrifices to achieve a greater goal. The english version can be read by many more people than the romanian and thats most important.

I am a bit afraid in a way. This is the second time i try to make this texts part of the game. You wonder what happend the first time? ..........well my explanation wont be very objective and you might think i am not a realistc person, and i am not. I go both on logic as well on intuition, and when it comes to the inner magic docs, its all about intuition. First time i tried to post this in a public form , computer crashed, Adis computer _burned_, my papers went mistriously lost, and on top of all the sever had a permanent failure. for one moment i realised all the work on the game was lost, but it happend that i kept them on a usb stick when transfering them to Adi when he needed them for the translation. Of course .. a coincidence ..but a great one. Oh i almost forgot to mention the nightmares and weird dreams i had....and i hope Adi wont see this anytime soon, but i fear the problems he had in that period were becasue of this too..i had to say it one day.

I actualy stopped completing the texts because of all the weird problems that appeard and i focused on the pure game development hoping that one day i will be able to create the proper virtual world for these docs. One day, maybe not that far away, i will resume the work on them, untill then there are plenty docs to give to all current rpcs and future rpcs. Work on principles stopped in the same period. Btw the number of principles is not the final one, i still have to add a few more to complete the series.....one day.

When writing the docs i realised they mirror my way of beeing and they can not cover all the needed areas. The docs about healing and such are way more simplistic in information and have less levels than the offensive magic docs or the misc category. I needed someone else to help me with that part of the docs and i contacted someone i know to be familiar with this but unfortunalty that person was not so exited about the ideea of making such knowledge public in any way, nor did he posses the ability to put the things he could do in a written form or to teach them to others....so i am on my own in this, except maybe one day this whole project will do its purpose and spot that person in a million that fits the profile.

You know where is the best place to hide something? there were everybody can see it.

A lot of people and organizations try to hide fractions of the things i have to say, but whats the point to do that if you can write them in such way that only those who should know them understand them.

What do i mean? ...exactly, those confused after reading the last words are the type that have nothing to do with what i am refering at :) no offence, you are still the best gaming community i have ever seen.

I said enough.

Thank you all for playing this..game..and i will continue to provide you with state of the art gaming experience as best as i can, because games, books and movies are the main ways to send this kind of ideeas to the general public and this game covers the "book" type also in a way :)

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*Jaw drops, as he Reads the Text*

Brilliant, thats all I can Properly say, Brilliant.

Once I get my hands on one of these Documents I'll have to make sure to keep Checking my Computer to make sure it doesn't suffer a Similar fate.... In fact maybe I should look into Hiring a Psychologist as well, just to be Safe...

*Bows to Mur's Genius and Imagination*

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