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:-) I just heard that there is a unoficial dojo area for players to heal rit and etc... I dont know if it is in progress but it would be good if there was a feature in this area to accept/decline the incoming battle.

btw the dojo is at the square you apear after the tutorial...

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The dojo isn't officially acknowledged by the game yet (although it might get there; there are even titles for dojo operators), so if/until that happens, changes to the game because of the dojo aren't likely to happen. Another factor is that the places of the dojos aren't set yet.

The dojo at the moment is more of a cooperation between players to make something they like happen, and it works considerably well this way, if you think about it.

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i wanna be off topic so this looks like a good area. Dojo during head contest? i dont think so, so dont go there and think it is a sanctuary and then moan about being attacked. Even in sanctuaries you can get attacked during the heads contest, so dont send me or anyone else pm's about it during the head contest. I would expect that those controlling the dojo aren't sending messages saying that it's a no attack zone or whatever during the head contest as well.

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As the creator and official Mistress of the Dojo:

There is an "official" dojo thread.

The dojo is not formally recognized by the game, but it was created with Mur's foreknowledge and approval. I have a PM from him in which the dojo staff are acknowledged as an informal alliance. The staff will never be a formal game alliance as our members come from all the alliances and others are non-aligned.

The dojo location most used is Marble Dale Park in Marind Bell. Yes, this is where players emerge into the game. This was one of the reasons for locating it there.

There is a dojo in neutral territory, presently it is located at Gates of Marind Bell.

There is a third dojo location in Loreroot by invitation of Neyla Setesh and the Loreroot Council. It is at Defensive Quarters.

Mur and I discussed game changes that would prevent combat without permission. We concluded that at least at present, such a change could lead to many technical problems and exploits. At least for now, the dojo works because almost all players see and understand it's value and work to defend it.

Right now I need assistance from as many people as possible as a very nasty leg infection is severly limiting my ability to sit at my computer for any length of time.

Heads Contest: RJ has an excellent point that not even the sanctuaries are safe. However, please also consider DST's anticipatory words on this subject:

During head contest we will consider that place a sanctuary and attack only when the opponent has more then 7 heads. The end. :)

In other words, the dojo should be at least as safe as an official sanctuary.

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heh then explain the most recent pm from someone that had 58 heads saying i'm not supposed to attack in the dojo unless i ask. morons like this are the main reason i stress the issue to begin with. that area is not a sanctuary and during the heads contest there WILL be attacks there, and not just me i already know quite a few others, but you can't tell them not to because it's part of the contest. If you dont have heads you are safe, but if you do you're screwed and everyone else knows it. I almost feel sorry for the idiot that thinks he can get away with holding heads there.

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heh then explain the most recent pm from someone that had 58 heads saying i'm not supposed to attack in the dojo unless i ask.

I accept the point you made and reinforced it with the quote from DST. I am not accountable for what others do. Next time I can spend time online I will clarify this with dojo staff. Even then it won't stop PM's like the one you got. Un fortunately, Mur hasn't put up signs for dojo. They've been requested and would state the rules.

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