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The Way of the Dojo:

Calyx of Isis

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Yesterday afternoon (11 August 2008) a new movement began in MagicDuel. Two map locations, Marble Dale Park and the Marind Bell Gates (just outside Marind Bell), have been declared to be a Dojo, a School, for the learning and practice of rituals. The me most significant feature here is that the Dojo is a Safe Zone. Combat occurs in the dojo with mutual consent. This happens not because the game enforces it, but because WE do as a community. We know that it will be some time before all respect the sanctity of the dojo.

Why the Dojo?

It is a common complaint in game and here in the forums about how hard it is to get partners for healing rituals. Even if you find a partner, where can you go to perform the ritual in safety. How many times have each of us been all set for a healing ritual and have someone come along and wipe out our creatures and our VE. Every player of Magic Duel has experienced this many times.

Thus, the main purpose of the Dojo is to provide a safe place to do things like:

  • Perform healing rituals.
  • Set rituals so your defenses and attacks are in place before you wander off into the battle zone.
  • Duel with other players, practicing and evolving rituals and strategies for different situations.
  • Learn from other players and see their ideas in action.
  • Engage in duels to increase or lower you honor or to upgrade your creatures.
  • Attend lectures on rituals and strategies.

We believe that over time the Dojo will become a gathering place. A place for players to hang out, similar to the sanctuary. As more and more players congregate at the dojo, it becomes increasingly likely that you will be able to find healing or a fight anytime you need or want it. We believe that eventually the days where you have to repeatedly beg for a healing ritual will become a thing of the past.

Dojo staff

To work, the dojo seems to need consistent, visible staffing. Dojo staff will be available to participate in healings, explain the purpose and rules of the dojo, answer questions for newcomers, etc. We are not LHOs (live help operators). Out primary purpose is to make sure people know about and respect the rules of the dojo, and to keep things orderly.

Mur has indicated that the dojo staff constitute an informal alliance with Calyx of Isis as its present leader. Those who demonstrate a consistent commitment to maintenance of the dojo will be invited to become members of the staff. Those who accept the invitation will be given a title under their name so that other players may recognize them and respect their status as representatives of the dojo.

Current dojo staff: (last edit 2 September 2008)

  • Mistress of the Dojo
    • Calyx of Isis

    [*]Dojo Mistress' Apprentice

    • Meru Chi *
    • SageWoman *

    [*]Dojo, Honored Guide

    • EliasMVernieri *
    • Perrobotillo *
    • Sol *

    [*]Dojo staff

    • Crowns *
    • Drkninetails *
    • Eck *
    • EiggerReggie *
    • Kadeshi
    • Lord3Angle
    • Nightshade *
    • Mishadowst *
    • Suuljin *
    • Thistle MacRhee *
    • XinHun

* submitted to Mur for title

** title awarded

We are understaffed. I am accepting nominations from all staff members. Players may self nominate, but will have to demonstrate their commitment before earning a membership and a title. Submit applications for membership here.

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Dojo news and calendar

Dojo history and upcoming events will be placed in this permanent post.

3 September 2008 -- Dojo Adventure Log Entry!! We are finally in the adventure log. See pages 204 and 205.

2 September 2008 -- Meiche has stepped down as my apprentice and second in command. Let it be known that the dojo would not be what it is had I not had her companionship, criticism, ideas, and assistance both before and during the creation of the dojo. Let archivists and historians record her important role in the founding of the dojo. Without her it would never have been.

21 August 2008 -- The need for dojo staff has become increasingly evident. In addition, there is great need for other players to be able to identify "official" dojo staff. Mur now views the staff as a sort of alliance, however he and I are agreed there will not be a formal (game supported) alliance. At present dojo staff come from all over the game. Most of the alliances are represented as are many players without a formal alliance. Staff will be identified with a title under their names.

11 August 2008 -- Players anxious to see the dojo become real follow Calyx of Isis and Meiche to the two locations. The new status is declared in instant chat and all who pass by are informed. So people bet beat up without warning, but we speak with those that did this and most agree to honor the dojo in the future.

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Dojo Location

  • Marble Dale Park in Marind Bell
  • Gates of Marind Bell in no-man's land
  • Defensive Quarters in Loreroot

Dojo Rules

  1. Ask for and receive permission before attacking anyone.

    1. During a heads contest a player with seven (7) or more heads may be attacked at any time.
      (The dojo is no safer than an official sanctuary.)
    2. Idle players may be attacked only if the have left word that attacks are ok. If in doubt, do not attack.

[*]Violations of rule 1 should be handled diplomatically. Assume a player is ignorant the first time a non-consensual attack. Repeat violators should be reported to dojo staff

[*]This is a school. While in dojo, attackers should copy battle logs and PM them to defenders.

Important Notice

Although the dojo is a safe zone, combat does occur. In these two locations, you must ask before attacking. Some may use the Sanctity of the Dojo to avoid combat, others will use it to structure combat so they can learn something from the combat. I use the word dueling to describe combat by consent.

Brief description of the Dojo

The Dojo is a place to come for healing, studying rituals, setting rituals, attending lectures, and dueling (combat by mutual consent). It is a safe zone where attacks may occur only if the defender has agreed to the combat. The sanctity of the dojo arises from the Will of the Community of players.

The Dojo is a place to hang out and find players from all mind power levels. A place where finding a duel, healing, hints or or help should be easily found at all times.

The Dojo is recognized by Mur as part of the game and will soon have an Adventure log entry. It is unlikely that the game will ever enforce combat by consent; this is something WE must do ourselves. Mur considers the dojo staff to be an informal alliance with Calyx of Isis as its present leader. One can be a member of a formal game alliance and the dojo staff. (This is why it will never be a formal alliance.)

Referencing this topic, 2001


In game tell people to find the thread "The Way of the Dojo," topic 2001.

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Ideas and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Suggestions of things you can do in the dojo:

  • Participate in healing rituals even when you don't need healing.
  • Ask some to duel with you. Decide in advance what creatures will be used in offense and defense. Try to figure out how to get a victory, not a simple win.
  • Ask someone to duel with you to lower or raise your honor. I've gotten over 1200 honor just by asking.
  • Practice getting victories. Even when you know the defensive ritual, judging the offensive ritual and amount of VE to share is very trick, but may be learned. You must lose at least 15% VE, but not much more.
  • Create a stack of defensive rituals so you can walk about without being concerned about unwanted attacks,


  • Is it ok to attack idle players in the dojo?
    You must ask. Players who wished to be attacked generally say something before going idle. Someone in the crowd will likely know and Dojo staff try to keep track of these players. If you can't get a positive reply, please allow people regen their VE while in the Dojo.
  • Marble Dale is a good place to fight. Now people are hiding there.
    Well simply ask for the fight. Offer to trade wins, or to remain long enough to heal your partner and yourself.

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I want to thank everyone who has helped to make the dojo successful. Although it has only been running a day drive by attacks are decreasing rapidly, and I am proud to hear people talking about it in all areas of the map.

I only want to emphasize that we have worked hard to choose a place that players of all alliance and mind level can congregate to practice in learning battles. It has been a pleasure to see that players of all mind levels have visited and used the dojo.

I know that some people may remain skeptical, but I invite you to drop by and join in.

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Its fine if u guys want to use it this way, but i think that openly talking about where

u find potions when you come out of storymode

and the full abilities of creatures and other spoilers should be kept to PMing. I have been past this area on and off all day and have seen conversations on the above topic. Part of the game is exploring and discovering new things as i myself have been told many times

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firstly good idea this should help a lot of newbies and some other players

next I am tired of people whining about rpc attacks so if anyone want to learn how to defend themselfs, I will tell them for free, if they can find me, for now I'm in story mode so if anyone wants to know pm in the forum til I get out,

lastly what will the dojo do during head hunts, it be bad if some players use it to horde heads

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Just to let anyone know

I will help oversee the running of the Dojo and diss out any punishment or warnings to those who know the rules and choose to break them anyway such as

so far


you are on our list of known violators of this dojo having been warned repeatedly

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Just to let anyone know

I will help oversee the running of the Dojo and diss out any punishment or warnings to those who know the rules and choose to break them anyway such as

so far


you are on our list of known violators of this dojo having been warned repeatedly

Umm how can i put this nicely.......the way u go about things, rubs me the wrong way. I find ur words to leaning towards heavy handed. I don't see the need for u to name telash (who i do not know, have never seen around, so no bias on my behalf) on this forum. As i have stated once before to u, shouldn't this be kept to a PM. I personally don't need to know who these people are and/or being witness to the name and shame. And once again, this is just my opinion lol

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Can't say that the dojo is an instant sucess but it's done a really good job, I know some new players who found the helpers at dojo helpful. But some people don't really care or they really don't know so we really need a sign somewhere.

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The response to the dojo has been utterly amazing. The dojo has only existed for six days and is beginning to feel like an institution already. While there are some hard heads that do not cooperate, they are a very small percentage of the people we contact after they first rampage through. Most are quite apologetic and become great supporters.

There has been a lot of discussion about the dojo's location. I would expect this in any location that was not completely out of the way. I am willing to defend the current location against anyone except Mur, and even then I might argue. However, I have my own doubts about the dojo's location. I want to resolve this issue soon as formal recognition, location renaming, and adventure log entry may all depend on it. To this end I have created a poll for this topic. Please vote so I may better understand the issues.

I need to explain that when I first brought this idea to Mur his first response was that it should be an underground movement, that is something created by the community. He sees social changes in the way the game is being played. I wanted to create a social change, so he supported me and offered what we need. So far all I have asked for is titles for myself and Meiche, with the understand that we may later elect to award titles to others who have invested themselves in the project.

Many say that the dojo needs formal recognition. While this would be very nice, I think it would be still better if we make it work by working together rather than having it enforced. Mur and I have discussed technical details. At present he can see no way for the game engine to require consent without the possibility of creating horrendous exploits. So it is largely up to us to make it work.

I will appeal to Shoeps and Mur to get the dojo acknowledged in the adventure log sometime soon. I would like to resolve my own issues on the location before doing so.

Again, I thank everyone who has stepped forward to make this work. Quite a number of people have stepped forward to watch over our baby. I am deeply appreciative as it would be impossible for any one or two people to handle it.

The Calyx of Isis, Mistress of the Dojo

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There should be two dojo locations?

No, it's better to bring everyone to one location.

Is it fair to all alliance members that the dojo is located in Marind Bell?

I don't care.

If the dojo were moved, where should it be?

Tranquil Plains (1_-1x0_1)

Is it ok to attack idle players in the dojo.

Yes, but only if they left word that it was ok.

My choices above. The Tranquil plains sounds like a nice place, nice surroundings for a dojo. Next to it is a Sanc. which is even better ^^

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There should be two dojo locations?

Yes, and I will make a commitment to watch over the second location. - this is if you want me to. but i do have a commitment to my alliance as well.

The reason I set up the question this way is because creating the dojo and making it work has been a very draining experience for quite a number of people. Until a location is established it needs constant tending. Thus, my wanting to see how many people will actually step forward.

I don't expect a commitment from everyone. As you say Alliance members and RPC's have other duties. Even so, a number of alliance members and even an RPC or two have minded the dojo with the same level of commitment as Meiche and I.

I have no idea why nobody suggested the Tranquil Plains before today. It came to me as I wandered about this morning. It's nice to see others see what I did.

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Well...every game needs a mother. This one has 2. :) Good job.

WoW! Now I am a mother! Way cool. Don't forget me next mother's day! <G>

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your support. It's been on my mind for a while to ask if you would be a guest lecturer at the dojo from time to time. I've read your posts on rituals and greatly appreciate them and the experience they are founded upon.

Let me know if you're interested in doing this and we'll find a way to publicize it and record the chat log.

@Morgana le Fey -- I think you have a lot to teach at the dojo as well -- provided your other duties and adventuring don't soak up all your time.

Actually, given my conversations with Mur in the week prior to establishing the dojo, I have good reason to believe he would truly like to see such active teaching going on. There is history on this and a dissatisfaction with a prior attempt to get such teaching started.

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I was thinking of that for quite some time now.And I was looking for a location. You solved my problem. :) I will let you know when I will be available and how will that work. :)

I am greatly looking forward to this, DST. Please PM me here or in game and we will work this out. Now I have to share this news with Mur! :) I think he will be as excited as I.

I only wish it were possible for others to watch battles and learn from them. What I did today after a very close win was PM the battle log to those who are interested. At the moment it is the best we can do. Having done this, I now realize that we should routinely copy battle logs and PM them to the person who defended against us. This way both can grow from the experience and examine the interplay of rituals. Battle logs should be shared with others only with consent of the defender as she might not want to disclose her ritual.

Every day of the dojo we seem to find ways to improve the experience.

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Copying the battle logs and sharing is something I've done since the beginning. Especially when I tried some of my (or others) ideas of new rituals and so on. It will not be a good idea (in case you are thinking of it) to put the rituals on the forum because they will be considered as spoilers but between the fighting players it will be ok.

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Copying the battle logs and sharing is something I've done since the beginning. Especially when I tried some of my (or others) ideas of new rituals and so on. It will not be a good idea (in case you are thinking of it) to put the rituals on the forum because they will be considered as spoilers but between the fighting players it will be ok.

I had no intention of putting them on the forum. It never occured to me and I agree with you about it being a spoiler. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has thought of this. Very few of the ideas behind the dojo are mine. I've collected them from you and others and put it all together in one location.

My suggestion is that:

  • In the dojo when combat occurs the attacker should automatically copy the log and PM it to the defender.
  • When both combatants agree the log could be shared with people present at the time of combat. This would be akin to students in a real world dojo watching other students spar under direction of the Master. Additionally, if you or some other lecturer were to demonstrate a ritual, then the log should be shared if appropriate students -- if they have sufficient experience and or creature levels.

I hope this is an acceptable way to handle the problem of learning from the combats of others.

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