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Making the game more life like

Krogan Darkmoon

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Hi everyone I had an ideia i would like to share with you. I have been playing this game only for a short while and think this game is great and very addicting. However I feel there´s something missing.

To be more specifique I believe there is a way to make the game more life like and that is by using a random event experience.

When some one is walking around the map there should be an random event, not frequently mind you, that makes the player make a choice. For example: when some player is walking outside the Necrovion wall and a weak shade appears and the player has to choose between sacrificing 500 vitality points to ward the creature or losing 1 defense point for having it feed on him. In this example no experience would be won but like in real life random events would affect the everyday life in game.

That said there is huge amount of different random events that could be made, being good, bad or just neutral in the way they affect the game. Basically it would spice things up for the average joe who isn´t top notch in any aspect but still enjoys playing the game.

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Well actually i have several ideias, but it depends mainly on how you would want to use them. For example: besides using the choice type event that I suggested before were there would be a price and a consequence, this system could be used to introduce puzzles, tips on how to achieve certain sidequests, acquire items.

Let me give other examples:

1. Create a creature that doesn´t have a especifique role in game but exists only in random events. This creature could be some kind of travelling enigma giver, solving a enigma he gives you could have a reward of any type or penalty in case you can´t solve it. A player would chooce to try and solve it or not before beiong given to actual enigma.

2. A player is walking along a certain path and finds a object (exp: a bottle) in the ground (not represented in the normal image screen but in a pop-up window), the object has an inscription(exp: a riddle or a warning), now a player could chooce to open it or throw it away.

Its a matter of trying events out and finding the right ones according to what your trying to do.

The best part of the random event is that it keeps in mind the free fell and imaginative look of the game and is pratically infinite in possibilities.

If you think this ideia has a future tell me and i´ll give you a lot of other contexts were it could be used.

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I.... LOVE the idea!

Random occurences would make the game even more unpredictable ^^

Well like chew said, I say there should be a limit, maybe increasing luck stat can give you more maybe?

EDIT: Or less

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I like it, but maybe not make them AS often as written here. 2-3 times a day for every player is a lot, I would consider it more like a "unique" drop in WoW (too many wow references on my behalf today I think).

If it happens to one character out of all MD in a week or a few days that's enough, this character then could be wondering about what it means and make a post, similar to the story lines. That is, if he wants to share it will all of them. Maybe he just wants to talk to a few or keep it to himself.

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I still have no idea what WoW is. The persistent references have yet to make me check it out. MD is my home.

I like the idea. The frequency of events could be variable. Encountering shades near the house of liquid dust should be more frequent than running into the Sphinx and having to solve a riddle or pay a penalty. If the Sphinx showed up once or twice a week, that would be a lot and they would be significant events.

Events with less impact could occur more frequently. Players should have a fair chance of one random encounter per day, depending on how much time they spend in game, where they go, and their luck stat.

Presently we randomly find VP (gold coins). I have yet to be able to do anything with found gold, but we do have this already as a random event.

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I think it's a great idea. You can already find bottles of stuff in ceartain places giving you permanent stat changes, and that is a 2 per MP lvl, I think. If we had random riddles or battles against random things like trees with nice perm stat rewards that'd be cool 2. *hopeful smile*


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