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Going Wilde!!!See its a joke!


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Since no one created i'm not going to stay behind to those Golemus and Necro-Avians(lol)...

Why dont we have something like Harpias,Najas,Earth Elemental?Since we are a land mainly on nature water and earth would match us,i would like to see some quimeras and/or and sphinx with a scorpion tail!!!!

Can we make too beats made of bones and roots?

Please contribute to our growing we need your suggestions!*This is just to get started*

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thank you treehil now I can have fun I not going to do stats because I know I over do things and i don't want good creature lost because of that

hidden in the deep places of loreroot there are things that even shades fear I will show you some of them

newly bitten werewolf

doing the first transformation there is much pain, rage, and uncontrolable hunger but even in this early stage there speed is beyond anything else

new skill- muti-hit the user moves so fast the get two or more hits on the same creature

tgt- random

young werewolf

still young he can not control the transformations but with the hunger is weaker so he can now control himself and chose his prey wisely

no new skill gained

tgt random weak or strong

werewolf 1

he is fully grown now he speed has increase even more,now his howl strikes fear in the heart of your foes

skills: Weaken Defence, muti hit he'll get no new skills, he will lost none as well

tgt muti

werewolf 2

more powerful then he ever was as a human he has become a true hunter able to take on any foes and and is loyal only to his master

elder werewolf

he has now become the faster creature alive can kill armys in a second and is able to control his transformations

tgt all

reasons why this should be in loreroot, not necro, werewolfs are mostly found in the woods or sometimes in citys but almost never in barren places or grasslands

displacer beast kitten

for now just a helpless little kitten with little tentacles growing form its back but when grows up and great hunter and friend

no skills or tgt needs to grow up

displacer beast 1

after a little time and love your little pet is now ready to defend you, but it still has a power hidden within

skill dmg

tgt random

displacer beast 2

in it desire to protect it's master the power within has been found the tentacles can now bend light around itself allowing it to hide anywhere anytime

new skill hidden strike- a attack that goes around defences

tgt weak strong random

I can't think of any more descriptions but I don't think it should end here

if anyone has any better descriptions or can think of stats without over doing it or can fix my bad spelling I'ld be thankful

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I think we shall create this topic also in Loreroot main forum, I've got some ideas too... :)

If u wanna see, i've already written down a Necro creature, soon i'll draw it, and i've started the Golemus speaking of new creatures or extras...

Soon, i'll write down my ideas here too :)

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I've been thinking about a plant-creature for Loreroot. I think it would fit there quite well.
I'm still lacking a proper name for the creature. It would be composed of ivy, vines and roots and would have the ability to controll them. It could use the vines to slow enemy forces by binding them. At low levels it would just weaken the defense of the enemy creatures. At higher levels it could gain an aura, that will reduce the enemy's initiave values, and gain the ability to disable enemy creature, so they would be able to act for one turn. Maybe at the highest level it could target multiple creatures, but this is probably too powerful. Maybe it could be balanced by a low life value for this creature, like the bird.
What do you think?

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Bah you people! What we need is ents!

Level 1: Nut; A rather large oblong seed this creature needs time to grow

Level 2: Enting; this young sapling is still weak and needs to be protected yet he can still hinder your enemies with his small, lithe limbs.

Not really sure what level to put between enting and ent but the wnt should be ginormous. You should be able to ride on it, or something.

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ime not sure if it would work but

young Spite- non combat while it grows

Spite- essentially the same as the air scout but no power increase

then after that you can choose which evolution path it takes.

this idea is to promote the need to think carefully on what you want, also stimulates you training it for certain aspects

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this type of topic should be reopened,tell everyone about it.make a start date and a dead line, and maybe throw in a reward,say for instence that made up crit. at it's max levle.or do one for each land in MD have the alliance members of those places get to gather and create somthing.
just brain storming

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