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Scrolls And Quests


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Can you put the quests for the scroll here?Some rpcs arent very often on and we cant find them to do the quest(not saying sending here,just to get the quest then make it in game)and too because some links i cant click,it just doesnt apear the quest.....

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Yeah, it's tough when you're not on at the same time as certain rpcs or rpcs are inactive. I used to say that you can just look at the profiles (magicduel.com/players/[insert_playername_here]) but now some rpcs are starting to use codes of some sort which won't display the contents there and will only work if you look at their documents ingame. Umm, those links you can't click, are they on those profiles or in those MDA documents? If it's in those documents, that should be fixed or else it'll be really inconvenient.

Hunting rpcs is part of the fun, but eh.. if you think about it, it's kind of unfair to certain players. I don't think it would be too bad to post quests and alternative contact information for people who can't find you ingame to pm. Other opinions?

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I've made Sure my Quest Uses as Little Images and Code as Possible. Also now that Mur has given RPCs Server Space you may start Seeing More Elaborate Quests *Hint Hint*

So to answer the Question, my Quests are Almost Always available through my Profile.

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@ Glai

I have always thought it would be a good idea to be able to view a players information/papers from their mail. If you get mail from someone is there a way to link those things?

A lot of RPCs don't answer mail, but that would be helpful for those that did.

Also....why not have a quest page link from the RPC list?

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*cough*profile shows scrolls*cough*

Dear Ren

I know the area where you always frequent but I have no idea were to find the majority of the RPC's are to even say hello to them i believe that a common page of quests with information from each quest would be an excellent idea since the profile pages obvioussly do not suport graphics & it's unpractical to hunt down PRC's to solve their personal quests if you can't even find the majority of them.

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[quote name='stormrunner' post='16943' date='Sep 18 2008, 02:12 PM']no they'ld figure out you just sucking up and still get mad or at least till you to go away[/quote]

I don't play suck up, ask any of the RPC's, the only people I suck up to are the Bar tenders, because I want free booze :)

.. And Metal Bunny Still Scares me

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[quote name='GgSeverin' post='16938' date='Sep 18 2008, 09:37 PM'][b]I would like a list of the outcome of the solved quest so I can choose who's boots I start to brush.[/b][/quote]

You mean who solved which quest and what did they receive for that? :)

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No I want a list like this

One wish point...Quest(generic opinion)... Metal Boundy
Teleport to Cheeze-Cabin,..Quest(generic description)... RPC=BloodMary
One nr for IAmBorded.....Quest(generic opinion)...RPC= UliseLightMood

But something else DST please take a loook at image attached[attachment=464:New_Bitmap_Image.bmp]

Go to take a mountain is week-end
([b][u]outside MD [/u][/b]if you were asking if Manu implemented the days of the week)

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