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Articles for Release into the RL Dimensions for PR Purposes.

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In Magic Duel, it's not generally who you can beat, but what relationships you can forge.  People drift away to their other pursuits in the RL dimensions, but come back to Magic  Duel to be with friends (or perhaps, duel with their nemesis).  This is especially true around holiday times.  The two biggest holiday times are Christmas and MD's Birthday.  At these times, old familiar faces return and our population at least triples!

Christmas is what you might expect - presents, cookies, and candies for all.  A decorated tree, festivities, and the only chance to catch some of the more rare creatures - the Nutcracker, the Tamed Reindrach, Santa himself, and a few other special ones.

MD's Birthday, or rather the Anniversary of its creation, is actually a bigger deal.  It begins on April 14th each year and runs for as many days as years that MD has been around.  Coming up soon is the 18th anniversary of the realm (2023 in RL).  There are tournaments, quests, contests, literary events and even (because of the timing) an Easter Egg Hunt!  Or course there are treats, newly revealed creatures, and prizes as well.

We have a growing event around Halloween, and take note of other dates on the calendar -- anything for a party!

Come join the parties, explore a unique world, and make new friends!

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Magic Duel is a magical world where it is very important to build relationships with others.  There are many ways to keep in touch when the ether winds blow in the RL and normal magic does not work.  Besides direct chat, in-game private messages to your friends, and posting on the Mood Panel, there is an independent forum for community discussion - isolated from the vagaries of the aforementioned magical storms.  This is a place for posting news in the realm including new contests and quests for your amusement.

And should some evil wizard prevail in their magical sendings to block all of the above, there is a channel through the "Discord" dimension that is well thought of by some -- and totally isolated from the rest so that the ether winds will not disturb it.

And... none of this requires revealing your secret RL name since, as we all know, that would open you up to sorcery unimaginable....  We do strive to keep the MD realm a safe and friendly place.  Despite the blood and carnage, no one can actually be hurt.  Even death itself is just another (albeit annoying) adventure.

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One really great aspect of Magic Duel is that the players gain the ability to shape the game, over time.  This can mean creating challenges and quests for other players, but even changing the landscape itself.

The creator of the realm, Muratus del Mur, and the other Game Master, Chewett (who began as a regular player), have access to the deepest magic (code) and provide a stream of improvements and tools for others shaping the realm.  One such is a recent increase in flexibility of cauldron-type items which take in raw materials to product more valuable substances.  Another is better info related to players gathering resources and assignment of bonuses that occur when they are on a "hot streak".

Seven current players have advanced to the level of "A25 Team" and have been given the tools to create and move functional objects, and even create new locations.  The senior member, Aia, is able to create new creatures for release, and has recently been given the power to create player tags that recognize certain achievements and unlock corresponding abilities.  Mur recently created functionality to shuffle around objects in the magic (interface) to more easily work on them, and then in one action send them all back to their starting places.

Any players with the inclination towards magic (programming) can gain the ability to create isolated functionality on objects scattered through the realm.  This can be advanced MD Script (like PHP) or simply interactive texts for riddles or scavenger hunts.  Even without such ability, anyone can create a contest or quest and get sponsorship of prizes from more advanced players.

Even the newest players can take advantage of the most recent changes by the Game Masters, including the ability to rearrange the information windows on their personal interface, and most recently the ability to adjust volumes of different sounds in the realm.

In short, the Magic Duel is ever changing, in small but wonderful ways.  This provides a stream of new things for players to pursue, whether it be a contest for possession of a new creature, or a deeper understanding of the fabric or inner magic of the realm.

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In the past, it has been possible to preserve favorite creatures in a "Bestiary" to be viewed at leisure, for all time.  However, recently, these creatures have begun to escape into another dimension (Polygon/Etherium)!!!

The creator of the realm, Muratus del Mur, has been chanting magical arcanum like NFT, BTC, MATIC and other confusing things.  It is not clear whether he is trying to stop this exodus, or is responsible for it....  ;)

In any event, since these creatures are the cream of the crop in the realm, they should be very valuable elsewhere, if they can be captured.

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