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Riddle me this!!

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Hello all

I will be holding a riddle event. It will be held every day of the Anni and as each day passes the riddles will get harder. 

Rules and scoring are like so......

Rules) A round will start when the riddle is spoken. A round will end when a player answers correctly to the riddle.

The player who guesses correctly in the round can not guess in the next round, but can guess in the round after.  ( Basically skip 1 turn. This is to give others a chance also) 

The event will go on for maybe 1 hour each day of the Anni. Times can go over or be less based on participation. 


Scoring) If a player correctly answers the riddle they gain 1 point.  

A player can ask for one hint, BUT it will cost them 2 points of their scoring for a hint. (May be useful for when riddles get harder). (A player must have at least 2 scoring points to do this however it would leave them with a score of 0 if they do not answer correctly before another. )

All points will be updated each round and points posted each day at end of the event of that day. 

At the end of the Anni, the very last day it will be a double points day. So each correct answer will be worth 2 points on this day, but hints will also be doubled so a hint will cost 4 points of your score on this day.

After the last round on the last day points will be posted 

1st  2 30 silver notes

2nd 1 30 silver note

3rd 1 30 silver note

Rewards are pending as of this moment, I have 4 30 silver notes that will be going to rewards right now but more rewards will be updated as able so top prize rewards may change. I will also see what I can do about making sure every participant gets a small reward also

Thanks all




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