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Heat stones!!!!

Blackshade Rider

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Hello all currently I am renting out my heat jar and heat solidifier. These two tools are used to make heat stones for those who do not know.

(You will also need memory stone, not provided but if asked I will grab you a memory stone detector tool for you to harvest your own memory stones)

Currently rentals 24hrs or less are free. Any rentals over 24hrs require 2sc(silver coin) for each additional 24hrs. 50% of coins gained will be donated to the TK, or used in support for events/questmakers 


Thanks In advance 

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27 minutes ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

Might help if you told us what heat stones are good for (off GWI, that is).

Heat jar is a shared tool some places, and those who care know...

Good idea

For those who don't know a heat stone is a a spell stone you can consume to temporarily learn the "Heat spell". This spell allows you to cast erolen heat that can be used or stored. 

There are Heat jars that are a public tool also. These jars can be found in the land of Golemus at mt kelltha ( may had misspelled). They are among shared tools that return to where the where gotten once a week. 

The memory stone collectors can also be found in the land of Golemus. This tool is used to collect memory stones. Memory stones can be used for various things but mostly are used for making spell stones.

However if memory serves me you need special access to the location of getting this shared tool. (May have been changed I'm unsure) Usually this access is granted to only Golemus citizens but some non Golemus citizens do have access to this location.


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