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Aksel and the Great Land-Weapon Escapade

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In the 17th year of the realm, there emerged a figure that was likely to become a character of MD legend.  They did not disappoint.

Aksel has extraordinary energy and insatiable curiosity, and this led to being launched into notoriety, just a year after arriving in the realm.  When Aksel learned of the Land Weapons, and the trail of bread crumbs that Mur had left, there was nothing for it but to try to ring Marind's Bell.

An unlikely collection of motley characters was recruited to fill out the numbers required for this adventure.  I, Fyrd Argentus, class clown, amateur musician, alchemical experimentalist, and tabloid journalist, was approached to join the venture.  I decided I could participate as a neutral observer, as long as I followed Aksel's remarkably complete plan, that included all the crazy rituals needed to activate the MB land weapon.

Other team members were Blackshade Rider, with an amazing talent for clashing with GM's that held his fate in their hands, Mallos, chronic malcontent with remarkably contrarian ideas about how to grind, and Fang Archbane, that elusive flamboyant sky rider that never seems to be where he is supposed to be.  As a special 6th member, recruited to observe the results from outside, was Jakubhi, who always seems to be in an opposite time zone.  We attempted to recruit Handy Pockets, but initially could not locate her on short notice, so we began the attempt, ironically enough, without a single Marind Bell citizen.

We five took our positions and commenced the rituals as instructed.  Four were successful, but one was not.  As part of the rituals, we could not leave our stations without bolloxing the works, so we called upon Jak to come inside MB and help, where he discovered that the fifth station had been mistakenly identified, quickly performed the ritual and we were in!  

Or rather, using the controls at Wind's Sanctuary, we had locked ourselves in.  The mistakenly identified 5th station turned out to be an unopened door to secret places in MB and we continued to have difficulty opening them.  We thought perhaps that our lack of citizenship was hampering us.  Thankfully, Kets was finally contacted at this point, and we opened the gates to let her in, to help.  Unfortunately, many others had been alerted to our efforts and slipped in through the briefly opened gate to see what was up.

That's when our team effort began to come unraveled.  Each team member chased after their best guess as to how to open secret places.  I myself found myself nodding off and slipping into another dimension, so I can't really relate the final findings - and wouldn't if I could.  After a few hours, the effects wore off and MB was back to normal.  All I can say is that future attempts will be made, with even more preparation.  Will it be to Marind Bell again, or some other land?  Only time will tell.

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