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BEWARE!!!! It is comming!


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From the deepest and darkest dungeon of Hell I have been spawned.
Once I was a feared warrior, now I bring you a warning.

Beware, from the depths of MD lands a powerful force has arisen.
They plan to change the world. It is not certain if they plan peace or destruction but they are close to complete their plan.

Beware, the world as we know it, is at end.

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You can have a disorganised peace. A place where nobody does paperwork, they can't find their socks and plans always go to pot ... but they don't kill each other and all hold hands while singing about pink fluffy bunnies in their yellow banana pyjamas. (Of course, they are all singing different songs about bunnies, to ensure some form of chaos.)

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[quote name='stormrunner' post='17122' date='Sep 22 2008, 01:16 PM']no the line is: father...... the sleeper has awakened

p.s. it's form the movie dune[/quote]

There is no relevance to a movie in the message... Few know what is to coming to pass.. The few have awakened.. Seek out the awakened sleepers...

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I will give you my guess: I doubt it. Remember the creature who handed you the cube? You have faced it, and you are here to tell the tale. You have died, yet you are here. If these 'sleepers', who sound an awful lot like peasants awed into silence by liturgy, have worse to offer than that, let them come.

One grows bored after a few thousand years.

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[quote name='Tarquinus' post='17133' date='Sep 23 2008, 01:18 AM']Good for them; it is better to be awake than somnolent.[/quote]

i wonder what .morpheus. would say...
but then, words telling of this fading tale... a fading tale's words.... have no weight anyway.

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hmm thats a good guess oh and if you don't know atleast one person has gone insane to day it may be related loreroot may be in trouble If you want to know more come find me in the game I'm in RavenHold if I've left I'm at wind's
p.s. this is for Tarquinus and any other lorerootian

may be useful but is a spoiler for some
[spoiler]my story mode said that the person who made the gate made the cubes[/spoiler]

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Movie? Movie? Gahhh!

Surely Dune has a better format to be referenced.

In anycase, chaos is hardly a new thing to this place. Peace would be far more innovative, though half as likely. What is coming was begun long ago. It continues, it grows stronger, but is is underway for some time now. I would hope that rather than keeping our eyes to old threats, we open our minds to the possibility of new and more dangerous players in this age old game.

Let me say once more that the forces that arise again are not the only forces to be reckoned with. Many new growths are apparent. Many new bonds and purposes have been forged in recent days. We must be watchful not only for the resurrection of the old, but for the birth of newer and more devious purposes.

I hope that instead of watching old forces wreak havoc on this world, a few of us will make ourselves the force to change this place. Instead of sitting and watching what unfolds, let us engage and shape our own future.

I feel this quote might be better in preparation for the coming days. From the BOOK dune:

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

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thats in the movie too and yeah your right it could be, but what granos said made me think of it I am also trying to change thing but I must do with out power of an alliance behind me but if thats how it must be I say, so be it, I will do what I can for the people close to me If I die then my deathmask will be a smile of contentment and madnees if our path met as allies then I will fight beside you (it will my friend surpport loreroot so I will as well)

p.s. a riddle: whats the most dangerous words and tone one can use

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you talk like chaos and peace would contradict each other... my friend, you yielded to an aneristic illusion... studying the scriptures of the sacred chao can resolve it.

i agree with tarquinus: why should we fear change?
yet your words, "messanger", sound like we should fear what there is to come....
penelope is right to remind unsteady souls of the litany against fear (which is, in this form, only in the book), and to finish the cycle i'll add some words of sting (who played feyd-rautha in the movie, assuming you cited at least david lynchs original)

Those who speak know nothing
And find out to their cost
That those who curse their luck in too many places
[b]And those who fear are lost[/b]

i say dont let this prophecy poison you with fear. you may find calm strenght in wu wei, or grim joy in anticipation. if you fear an uncrertain outcome - be prepared to shape it.

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[quote name='Nex' post='17138' date='Sep 22 2008, 08:06 PM']i wonder what .morpheus. would say...[/quote]
The Shaper is known to me, though I have not yet met him in this world. I threatened him on my arrival, as I recall; well, my nickname (Superbus) is apt, and it was not meant to be flattering.

In another world still, the Shaper prompted a woman - a rat-speaker, if memory serves - to observe that "everyone is dangerous." And it is so.

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[color="#FF0000"][b]I do not understand.

I am warning you, foolish mortals.

Are you even listening ?

Is this how you protect yourself ?

Do you think that an alliance between shades and trees and whoever else will protect you ?

Do you thing that those puny souls (of necro) or pale grass (of lore) or windy picks (of gg) of even the mighty gentlemen (MR) will protect you ?

Think again.

You do not deserve my trouble. I shall return to the world beyond and laugh at your whining and miserable last days.

You ... you deserve your doom.


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So it is often said by those who would sow fear and despair. You warn us of... something. I am not afraid of Something. I am not afraid of you, either. As to what I deserve, what care you about that, who will not even tell me for what I should prepare? Many have said I deserve worse than doom, and one of my own acolytes once exacted just that upon my head.

I have been destroyed before: many, many times. Enough bluster: speak plainly or be silent, harbinger of fog, chaser of shadows, prophet of...nothing.

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