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A story about frienship and betrayl


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I promised you a story and also an explanation. Here it is:

It all started when a guy posted a bug on the forum:he was able to buy 1 more creature than normal because he clicked too fast on the button. I tested the bug and surprise, surprise...it was working. I was able to buy 6 of them. I told No one. He checked it also. It was working. The only thing you needed was enough ve, vp and ap to buy that amount of creatures. I never told you but No one is a better bug tester than I am (he has the programming knowledge I lack). DST was originally his account and No one was mine. We switched when I won the head contest because I had more time to play. Back to our sheep...
Some weeks back we chose our protectors when we first discovered that we get loyalty when we donate heat ( :) yes...a bit late). back then we thought that I should get enough loyalty to become leader of DS (yes simply...I wanted to overthrown you) but I like him to much to do this. I chose Shoeps as protector. Fortunately he had a bug that brought him back to mp5 but he remained my protector. This way I could donate tons of heat without raising suspicions.
I must tell you that we had another account:gogu (an mp4 which I hate, doesn't matter why). Also Venger (which is a friend of No one hasn't played in 2 months but he gave us his account).
So it was perfect: we had Venger in Loreroot, I could have get in any alliance I would have chose, gogu for Shades (back then the leader was owing me a favour) and we made a try with No one on MR (since MRD is such a nice guy :) ).
So we started. We bought tons of creatures (thanks to No one who did a script to buy those creatures automatically) and when we had enough (and I was able to play cause for 2 days I had no internet access) we started. No one did again a script to sell the creatures and donate the heat.
We started with venger because there was almost no one from Loreroot online. When he became leader No one kicked Nelya.
We moved to No one. He became leader, he kicked MRD. We continued with Shades. And finally with GG... I destroyed 3 alliances (kicked all players from GG, Loreroot and MR) and No one killed the Shades. The most difficult was with GG since Yrthillian was logged with Wodin and kept getting in :D. I think I kicked him twice and No one also twice :).
We did not kick KC because I thought maybe this way it will be easy for Mur to fix all back. We saved the lists with the loyalty points before.
While we were doing all this No one called Mur and asked him if he wants to go out for a drink.
We finished around 18:30 and logged out. At 20:00 we met Mur. The first question towards him was: Do you know what we did? (We were prepared even for the possibility that he would say:Yes! And you're banned for it!) He said "No". "Well...you have no military alliances left... ". :)
We explained to him what we did and how and he was so cool and understood.
When we got back home we helped Mur fix some bugs (because there were more) and then I assisted the leaders conversation in Ren's balcony (yes..spying again).And...I recorded it.:)

We planned this and did it in one week. I wanted to talk to my guild leader (to ask permission to leave and then get back) but since he was away...I could not. This was one of thing that delayed us. Otherwise it would have been done since Monday or Tuesday.

Again as I already told some of you:we did think at the players. No one was upset about MRD, I about Lightsage (you worked hard for your position and you almost destroyed my plan when you wanted to kick all the shades that were close to your loyalty - I though you out of it, remember? ) and Yrthillian (We did not interact too much but I do respect you) and also MRD (yes MRD I think you are a great player and I know you since you were mp4 :) ). But again...it was a way to play this game different. You all praised the role playing. We obeyed...and we played your game but by our rules.

The original plan was to make 4 new mp3s to get them into the alliances and reset the accounts. That would have been devastating... Then we thought we should do what we did, log off and return after 2 days, send you all the invitations and then quit the alliances ourselves. But after talking to Mur we decided to let him take control and revive the alliances.

Of course, before leaving the DS I made another account called Dsts alter ego :D and put it in DS alliance in case simply doesn't show up in time. (this was a fun fact).

I know you all got upset and angry and mad. We could not tell anyone. Also we had to move fast (as long as Mur was on vacation and Shoeps gone...). The other problem were the protectors: they could see how much heat we donated. But they did not. Third problem was the fact that on Venger and gogu you could see the number of creatures (400 on venger was a bit too much). But you all did not payed attention. Also I told all of you that I have spied in each alliance...well it was true.
There was no time to invent a story and do the necessary things...Also if we would have done that...

Long story short:this was the blitzkrieg me and No one fought.

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It was brilliantly planned and executed, I already had some suspicions on goku, how could he gain loyalty that fast without showing up where a lot of players are?
Should have actually kicked everyone who was even slightly near me... But I was influenced by you... I'll get back at you one day, no one

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[quote name='lightsage' post='17375' date='Sep 26 2008, 11:52 PM']btw honour doesn't count in alliances it's loyalty[/quote]

Sorry, I meant loyalty.

[quote name='dst' post='17374' date='Sep 26 2008, 11:29 PM']He worked for his place. I respected that.[/quote]

He worked, this is true, and he accomplished his goal, he did a great job of angering various other people in oter alliances as well. It will be dealt with in alliance, I had great words for Lightsage previously, these are gone now. If it weren't for the conversations that were taking place in alliance ( as forum mode, DST, I'm sure you have seen them) I would congratulate him, but those conversations have taken place, and thus I will not.

Again congrats to DST. I'd love to see what was happening in game right now, but I'm too stubborn an thus take the 24 hour options in storymode still

EDIT: Cleaned typos from drunken typing the previous night.

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I'm impressed with how swiftly you guys were able to pull it off. However the whole writing Scripts business seems to me to be very...Uncouth.

I would be far more Impressed if you had done this all on your own work, and not had "bots" do the dirty work for you... so Shame on you for that.

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@Dragoonus: No I did not see them. I was able to few weeks back but not anymore
@Bootes:we needed to sleep and eat and well...live. And since we needed also to do the hole thing fast...scripts there were... One on my laptop, one on No one's. It would have taken maybe a few days longer and also I would have been very very tired. I spared my health...

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You and I should settle our quarrels in alliance, and I was wrong to post here (my apologies). But no, although what you refer to does annoy me, that isn't the bulk of it. I may have a misinterpretation of your actions of course. I'll speak to you privately.

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Well lightsage, all this happened under your command. We knew there were many spies in the alliance (Yes you too lightsage, dont negate it. -_-) and we pacted to stop inviting people. You did what you wanted and invited a few people who you did not even know well. Thats all :)

On topic: When i grow up i want to be like you Dst! Yay! j/k. I never thought of that, clever you are heh :P

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