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yeah, that's called free credits here^^
just log on the game and clikc on [free credits] in the top right corner (it's written in red, you can't miss it :))
click yourselves through the votings and hope that your vote gives magic duel the first place, else you'll be banned *hrhr*
you get 0.01 dollar per vote and you can vote daily, that makes one free item every five days^^

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It is risky...You risk having your inbox spammed by hundreds of junk e-mails. So I suggest you to avoid them I don't even know if I heard of someone receiving credits after doing those surveys.( I know, I know...bad publicity ut it is the truth).

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  • Root Admin

you dont have to use your game email for the surveys, just create a junk email for them and never give out credit card data. The offers are indeed crap, but they pay, so for now i keep them. When i will find a better way for alternative free credits i will remove that crap from the site, untill then feel free to find ways to exploit them, as long as you manage to get the credits the game will also get its payment and we are all happy ...except those that sell strange things or have suspect offers ...pff i read some things in those offers that sound realy retarded...but what can i do

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