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Combat/ritual bug


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After being away for 6 hours and having 20k creature and vital energy disappear while in a dojo, i noticed two bugs. The first was that the double sword icon on the left kept blinking yellow which indicates someone attacking you. When i clicked it, it kept showing the same person. A few seconds later, it blinks again. When i check the log, they really only attacked me once. It finally stopped blinking.

Another bug that annoyed me was when i was trying to make a ritual, but it didnt show the top 5 creatures that i have, which were my strongest.

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That comabt logs bug is old and well known to all of us, refresh your browser and it should be gone, if that doesn't work, logg off and back in again, then it should be gone, and if it's not (happens when you had really many fights) just fight one or two battles, then log realizes that there's just one recent fight and not like 200 :D

And your creatures won't show up when they have 0 ve left as creatures with 0 ve are dead, you have to reanimate them before you can use them again^^

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