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Just some questions...


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Hi people....

I've acquired recently one of those special creatures in MDShop (the Imperial Aramor) and when I got it, appeared a text explaining differences of that creature, I read it but I forgot....
Can someone explain me what does that creature different from the others???

Another thing is about writing text in the in-game profile. I've seen a few players with text's in their profiles, and after it I've seen a tip in-game, at the top of the game menus saying that if we want text in our profile, we must go to the "Librarian (...something...)" but I searched for it on the map and I didn't encountered it...
If someone knows where it is, and full name of it... because I forgot the rest of it's name... please tell me...


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Another thing:

I am now at MP4... and now the balancing system of fights is different...

My question is, when a creature needs won battles to evolve, both "victorious" or "winner" counts to the won battles of the creature, or only the "victorious" counts...???


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another questions:

while playing, appeared one phrase:
"illegal action reported, keeping this way will get you banned" - more or less the original phrase... what was that???

what is the ability martirism of the creatures???

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Is there any up-to-date topic with all the alliances and/or guild's of MagicDuel...?

If not, could it be done?? Because it would help to keep new players and even the others informed about the alliance's on MD, and it's home.

Also to players that may want to think about a new alliance or something, it would be easier to make a story to the alliance, and get it's home...

I think a topic like that could be really important...

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