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Dark Flow

wynken vanaril

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Just wanted to discuss the recent discovery of a large mass that exists seemingly outside of our own universe which is exerting a strong gravitational pull on...well...everything.

The original articles concerning this can be found here:


So my question is, what does everyone believe is beyond our universe?

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Wow... :blink::huh:

For what I understood... scientists discovered that the whole universe instead of slowing down, is actually accelerating...

Now they think that a very big part of the universe, that we cannot see (they are calling it a parallel universe), has a huge volume of mass on it, and the rest of the universe is accelerating around it... like our solar system, where the planets spin around the sun???

Strange but amazing...

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See also Phil Plait, the bad astronomer, on this subject:


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Earlier today I was in a bookstore reading a book about the Mayan 2012 prophecy.

The dude who wrote the book spoke with a Russian scientist whose speciality was ...well, space stuff. Forgive my lack of proper terminology, but the fellow was collaborating a study with different countries about the state of our solar system as a whole as it traverses the milky way galaxy.

Apparently, from the pooled data gathered from ground observatories, satellites, and deep space exploring satellites, there is a 'wave' generated by our solar system as it moves thru the galaxy - much as a 'wave' is generated by a boat as it traverses the ocean. This deep space wave, located in its intensity at the edge of our solar system, is creating a resonant disturbance of great magnitude, as it pushes into a 'new/different' region of the galaxy. Apparently, there are magnetic fields, hydrogen and hydroxly (sp?) and other types of particles out there, [i][/i]in a much greater intensity than ever recorded[i][/i] that our solar system is now pushing into. Sort of like, a thicker, more 'full', area of space. Well, that may be cool and all, but the idea is that these space energies will have an immense impact on our solar system, as we move deeper into the denser area of space.

There is a giant storm on Jupiter astronomers have been recording for the past 300 years -- can you imagine? A storm lasting 300 years and showing no sign of abating. Magnetic poles are shifting on other planets, and an increase of storm activity as well -- these are postulated to be as a result of the immense increase in energy that is passing thru the fields of the planets themselves.

The Russian scientist was saying that there will be dire consequences for the life on earth, for in the next few years the sun, and earth itself, will be greatly affected by the energy our solar system is soon to be saturated with. Something about increased sunspots, --sun storms, that have in the past, and will continue to, knock out major power grids, disable satellites, disrupt communications, etc.

So what's out there in the universe? Well, I guess... time will tell. I'm rubbing my hands with the anticipation of it!

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There is a hypothesis by some that global warming is not caused mainly by carbon dioxide, but by an increase in the energy released by the sun.

But back on topic...

Let me translate the explanation into string theory.
A Big Bang just beyond the scope of our universe.
If we are on a giant 4-dimensional membrane, a collision with another membrane could cause a Big Bang. There is of course no reason to believe our Big Bang was unique, and another can happen anywhere, anytime. The other, colliding membrane would be a parallel universe.
If this is the case, there may be other such universes around, greatly increasing the chance of other intelligent life existing. We'd better pick up the pace of technology development and start space colonization, or risk being overrun one day.

String theory has an alternate explanation for this phenomenon: Gravity from a parallel universe.
If there turns out to be nothing there in the place the universe is moving towards, this would be the reason. According to the theory, only gravity is free to pass through from one membrane to another. So there could be a super-massive "parallel universe" nearby in the 5th or higher dimension. I.e. there is another membrane nearby, possibly the one that caused our Big Bang. I.e. we may see another Bang.

[quote name='xPo']Now they think that a very big part of the universe, that we cannot see (they are calling it a parallel universe), has a huge volume of mass on it, and the rest of the universe is accelerating around it... like our solar system, where the planets spin around the sun???[/quote]
No, we are moving toward it. Like if the Earth stopped spinning around the sun and started falling towards it (on a collision course) instead.
Except this is complicated a bit because the universe is expanding as well as sliding toward something.

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