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Gotta b b

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I fought a mate in the dojo, with a healing squad. he just needed a win, so i just had barrens.
Then just as i got all my creatures back to full health, some *** attacked me and killed all my creatures.
What a waste of time healing?

Then later i was heading to the paper cabin, and i ran out of action points.
So i had 5 minutes till regeneration, didnt mind to much, so i surfed the forums.
And some *** attacks me and kills all my creatures.. doesn't ask or anything. just kills.
Im not ready for proper fighting! i've only got aramors, barrens, and a grasan.
The only reason i was in that area is because i was coming from willows.
I get so frustrated, because then it takes ages to heal all your creatures back to full.

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Trust me everyone goes through this, when new to the game you get picked on because you have weak creatures and those more powerful can get easy Wins/Exp from you. It's unfair, it's demeaning, and more than anything it's frustrating.

So what do you do? Learn to deal with it. Sounds harsh, but that's what you do, that's what Everyone before you has done.

Other than Traquinius' Sanctuary idea you can, set defense rituals (make sure there is at least 300 VE in them), continue seeking players willing to help you gain wins/exp, and as always wait until your creatures upgrade.

If you can wait out these tough times, you will soon find your creatures are as powerful as most MP3 (though there are a few that will likely still be more powerful).

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Hi Gotta b b,

I remember talking to you when you were in the Dojo / Marind Bell Park. This is good place for you to hangout. In the Dojo, you can get some easy win and heal your creatures. All you need to do is ask. I share the same frustration as you when I just started to play this game. I got ambushed quite often. When I ran out of AP, I log out instead of taking a risk of attack. Good luck on your game.

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