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What About Bob(the tree)


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[12:16] Kragel: why is the tree on the wall called Bob ? and is there something planed for it ?
[12:16] Raven: on the wall?
[12:16] Kragel: the wall of necro
[12:17] Kragel: the one where Z guards all the time
[12:17] Raven: ahhh someone started to call him that way and his Bob now ^_^
[12:18] Kragel: i see
[12:18] Kragel: it would be interesting for Mur to play with it by letting it bloom and even grow some lol
[12:19] Kragel: maybe it could hold some special fruit that if you can get it does something cool
[12:19] Raven: hehe
[12:20] Kragel: even worse have it be roomered to help something but because so many of the roots of the tree are in necro soil there is a say 50 / 50 chance of getting helped or hurt with the fruit lol
[12:21] Raven: lol
[12:21] Kragel: like the fruit judges your soul and if you are worthy of its aid you get it if not you get punished for thinking you are good enough to partake
[12:21] Raven: you should post ur ideas on forum :angry:
[12:22] Kragel: i know but i also dont want them just used up i want some credit for them lol
[12:22] Raven: looooooool

so this is my newest ideal let me know what you think

my 2c

The Metal Mage

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Well... The tree does get some pretty flowers when it blooms, maybe use the flowers instead?

And to see "Bob" bloom, you just have to be nice to him (give him water, nutrients on a regular basis) and be friends with him then if your lucky you'll see him bloom ^^ Maybe tell him some happy things like it's your birthday maybe it'll bloom also ^^ 8) -_-;) :good: :pardon:

Lol I love these smileys.

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Oooeeh.. bob blossoming.. Oooooh, the colors.. Must follow the rainbow!! (Btw, interesting piece of spoilerish tidbit here, [spoiler]aside from the potions you can find on the ground and the other orange clickable stuff, Bob blossoming, is the only time in the ingame scene where you can see color.. such as green and yellow and stuff..[/spoiler])

Btw, there is a topic somewhere.. somewhere I am certain, anyway, in that topic people could for the name and in the start half called it steve and the other half called it bob.. I kept calling it bob and thus naturally, since people adhere to the will of the alpha bunny, they call it bob too :):mellow:

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ok so Bob's Full name has been discovered at last

Robert (Bob) Steven Sageheart III


a very special Tree we all know this but who knows that kind of tree he is ?

was his daddy a big redwood who saw a nice ash on a passing birch?

or is he something more...

because of his mysterious background and no one really knowing the kind of tree he is i say the flowers and the fruit could be consumed for some effects

also Ambrosia would be a good suggestion i guess if we can not come up with something maybe MD specific lets get some names for the flowers and fruit

again this has been my 2c

The Metal Mage

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