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Support Thread Rules - Please Read Before Posting


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This subforum is strictly designated for quests, mostly the Adventure Log Support Threads. This movement will hopefully make the quests that the characters have to solve a little more interesting because we, the story writers, will have a great deal more space availability to post intricate quests. This does not mean that all/any of the quests that require multiple input will be overly long and difficult. It merely means a great deal more ingenuity can go into things like riddles and descriptions. ;)

All the same rules of the forum apply here plus these:

1. Stay on topic! I know it's a rule that dst enforces, but we're reinforcing it here. Posts that aren't on topic (or don't at least provide some connection to why they're there) will be deleted without warning. You have been warned.

2. Only those involved in organizing quests may post new threads in this subforum. Others are encouraged to reply and help each other solve those quests, though.

3. For Archivists: The threads here are for Quests ONLY. I'm not going to say Adventure Log quests only because I don't know what other sort of wide scale quests Manu will want to put in here. :)

Sorry if those rules sound mean. Assuming they're followed, all will be fine, though. -_-

Master Archivist

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