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Inner circle spell docs

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I was just noting that it seemed like quite a few RPCs are kinda lack-luster about the quests to get inner spell docs, almost as if they are annoyed by being given the resposibility, and i was just thinking there has got to be a better way. Anyhow, i was thinking perhaps someone could come up with some better suggestion swaying from the current system...

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Honestly it is something that just Sprung up (well the first time the Docs were released). But Personally I think RPCs should realize that Having the Position (and Status) that our Roles give us does come with Responsibilities.

The main thing to realize is that RPCs rarely know about things like the Documents before anyone else (We find out via the Announcments just like you), so have a Little patience for those RPCs who just found themselves with Document to come up with Quests to Release them.

In the meantime try scanning the Quest logs of RPCs you find to see if they have something for their Spell Document.

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