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A Big Long Page

I am Bored

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I have made a page and currently it is about 1/6 the length of the game's engine(by lines) and I wanted it to be known publicly so I am posting about it. [url="http://mdrpc.com/iambored/me.html"]Click here to visit my page![/url]

[color="#0000FF"]Edit By Chewett: BEWARE: Seriously long page. 733 elements to load. Be very careful when visiting this page[/color]

[color="#4169E1"]Frosty: Theres spoilers galore as well[/color]

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[quote name='I am Bored' post='19974' date='Nov 15 2008, 10:41 PM']there's plenty on it that could be considered 'spoilers' but first you have to find them:)

and i made this cause i needed something to do.

and i don't update the RPC's pages part often...[/quote]

I have to find them??
lol... they are almost everywhere...

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it is meant to be a resource for a lot of things... and i know i left out the personal log paper symbol, i also left out another symbol..... and i am going to update the section of RPC pages so it will just link to their pages instead of having them displayed. wonder how to get it to open in a new frame on the same page so the adress of the page isn't easily acessable.... then i could put the alliance info on the page to..

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