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Illusion Suggestions


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Post here your sugestions on the illusions.

Acceptable sugestions:

"Title" series,
name: Bunny Adept
possible titles: the Pink, Bunnytorios, Longear .... 10+ please

example: something of 250 char length that will describe a general role that can be played by more people at the same time

Creature reinforcements + ritual combinations
rituals of strategic creatures, example: archer plus life stealer, give exact creature levels

Role ideeas,
combined tag, playername change, description, avatar, creatures to fit a role. Role must make sence if layed by multiple players at once.

Location changes, or other one time events for selecting an illusion are also possible.

Other illusions
other things you might think of, but only if they are realy something interesting . in general please try to fit in the above examples

spell sugestions may be added to the roles but the role should not count on them. Spells will be given by Mur from the available spells.

[Sorry Junior i had to edit this post :) ]

Edited by King Manu
Updated with acceptable illusions
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Title: Chaos Master

A game spoiler. The role is to disrupt the momentum and gameplay of all other players. They can attack in sanctuaries or dojo. Imagine a mob of berserkers running wild in MD. They will be hated! Objective is to make players be on their toes at all times for possible berserker attacks.

Creature Reinforcement:
2 Max Archer, 2 Max Grasan, 2 Max Loreroot Archers

Name: Berserker
Tag: Chaos Master

A creature who runs amok without their true self being revealed. No place is safe from them, they attack at will. They are fast and strong in attacks and is weak in defence. A berserker must be killed on sight or they will start grouping and masacre innocence if left unchecked.

Please do make suggestions to make the role crazier. My favorite kind of play... HAHAHAHAHA

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name: Pirate
possible titles: Deckhand, Swabby, Buckaneer, Swashbuckler, Privateer, Mercenary, Corsair

example: A pirate whose main goal it plundering and raiding...plundering doesnt seem to work here...so they are hellbent on raiding...beware the pirates.

Creature reinforcements + ritual combinations
rituals of strategic creatures: 3 max ele, 3 water daemon

Role ideeas: pirate...speaks for itself

just a suggestion, probably biased at that, too

and here is one a friend did that he doesnt want to post, because he "doesnt want to steal glory from my would be alliance" haha...silly boy

"Title" series:
Name: Crimson captain, crimson crewman
Possible titles: Deckhand, Crewman, Maiden, Pirate lord, Pirate, ...the peg-legged, ...of one eye
etc. (I'm sure Cryxy could come up with others.)

Descriptions example:
They're pirates. They sail around and uh... do pirate like stuff. On land they drink and... such.
(Mind blanked out there)

Creature reinforcements + ritual combinations:
Anything with swords or guns. I'm not familiar with all the creatures, but archer types could work as well. Anything ragged, ruff, buff looking, and either a good swarm of them (6) or one or two well trained ones fits the idea.

Role ideas:
Combined tag (Crimson crewman, Crimson captain)
Playername change (... of the crimson blade?)
Avatar (Combined avatars maybe, gender based?)

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"Title" series:
Name: Intangible, The flickering ones
Possible titles: Influencers, Watchers, Ghosts of lives past

Descriptions example:
The almost-incorporeal are just a little bit see-through, just men and women, but spirits. They look normal at first and if one doesn't open their eyes to the truth will either be blind to them or blindly led by them.

Creature reinforcements + ritual combinations:
Barren, Hollow, and Aramor fit their style. Barren and Hollow are spirits themselves, and Aramor are basically sentient armor. Archer types may fit also but they're more solid than might be seen as fitting in.

Role ideas:
Combined tag: Intangible, Ghost-like
Playername change: (... the wanderer,.. the incorporeal,.. the late,.. the dead )
Avatar: Either a ghost one, or none at all. Should probably be gender based as well. Perhaps current avatars could be set to 50% opacity or something to signify this one.
Requirements: Time principle, Syntropy principle, possibly? As a requirement, I mean a base number needed, not necessarily consumed.

Different idea:
I got this thumbing through some of the other forum parts. I wonder if it'd be possible to change the looks of our creatures- their avatars, let's say. Not their stats, just have them regress/progress their pictures.
Example: Aramor III picture changes to Aramor II picture, but nothing else changes.

I was thinking about the requirements up there, and this came to me.
I wonder if base, principle based illusions could work. Say your main principle is Elements. If it's leading by 100 or so, you could have something like:

"Title" series:
Name: Archmage, Element master
Possible titles: Flamebound, Ice Lord/Maiden, etc.

Descriptions example:
One who has mastered the elements so much, and has gained visible control over them, that now their forms waver with fire, water, and the basic elements of the world.

Creature reinforcements + ritual combinations:

Role ideas:
Combined tag: Archmage (again, idk)
Playername change: ... the great
Requirements: 100+ of Elements principle

except for all of, or combinations of, the principles.

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"Title" series:
Name: The Leech
Possible titles: Vampiric shades, Soul Thief

Descriptions example:
A rare kind of shades that needs to suck life force (soul) of any living creatures to exist. Not very bright and mostly responds only for its need to feed but sentient enough to recognize and obey their lord and master.

Creature reinforcements + ritual combinations:
3 level 4 Elementals + 3 max Elementals

Role ideas:
Playername change: Soul Thief

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