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Help me please


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Hiya, I've been a MD member for a while but I left for a while to find something terribly wrong.
[b]In the past[/b]-combat used to be slow and easy to monitor, the HP on monsters would actually drop.
[b]The Present-[/b]Combat flies by at 100 miles per second, the monsters HP doesn't even drop either. This is insanely annoying, anyone know a quick soution, please? :)
Thanx in advance, MD members.

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[quote name='Granos' post='20940' date='Nov 26 2008, 11:39 PM']Just check the battle logs, as they hold all the information from battles, they hold all the data on life lost ect...[/quote]
Not happening, I want to see things as they occur, not view it in some battle log. There got to be a reasonable explanation for why pacing is off.

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well you can click close the window and go to the icon on your left side which shows who u have battled and who has battled u and which u won and lost... check the battle u want and click replay on it... there u can see all the hp going down and all..

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