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New Head Contest Rules



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Now, what do you think?

Official discussion for the latest change...oh, i have waited sooo long for te moment i can say that^^

Mods, if you find it appropriate to drag this topic to contests sub-forum, please do so, but i have posted it here because i want to know what people think about that special idea, NOT what they think about the Head Contest in general or how that rule f**ks their personal contest up, there's no need for another ranting forum...

PS: I wonder how many players will choose option two ;-)

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@Granos: I didn't say that you did wrong. I closed the topic when your offer expired. And if I remember correctly...I was the one who found you and shu you at the gazebo :P (even if you were hiding ...you know where :) )

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I chose the very bottom:P

Hmm...someone draged me to the gazebo when i was offline with MR-6...at the East Corridor i believe...that place is open to all no? I had MR-6 there because i was waiting for someone...then he was dragged...who..dragged me to the gazebo?

XD oh well it gave me a short cut to the gazebo for part 2:P Thank you:)

Bt its not stated in the rules is it? since the east corridor is not out of bounds.

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Actually there are no rules. I was told, when I received the spell, to use it to "mess with the HC". I used it mostly for players hiding in forbidden places but this doesn't mean I am not allowed to use is when I think it's needed (or i kind of want to...). Don't worry: I will not abuse it.

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Na, not about the abuse...ok fair enough...atleast now i think i know who brought me:P

I seem to get dragged and teled to places all the time without me saying yes...now i know someone else is in the fun:P Usually i end up in interesting places so i dont mind:)

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[quote name='dst' post='21223' date='Dec 4 2008, 11:20 AM']Damn! Those bugs just took over my life... I started thinking in terms like: it's a bug, it's not a bug, it's an exception, this account is bugged, etc... It just kills me...[/quote]

The bugs are interesting most of the time:P Fun to exploit XD Eventually they disapear but still:)

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