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Alliance Ranting cont.


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Well sorry for my delayed response but after that last post in the topic of the same name I didn't feel like coming back on the forum for a while and when I do come back 3 days later I find that Chewett has closed it. So now I just want to make some things public for anyone that has read that post since I can't just leave it like that.

[quote name='dst']Aqune, our "conflict" dates long ago. For a while I forgot about it. I just didn't care anymore (better things to do then fight you). But almost every time I do something you criticize me, every time I say something you have something against it. Fortunately MD is big enough for both of us. So I propose you this: you ignore me and I ignore you. If it will be the case (probably since we both have a role in this game) we will work together for the good of the game. But I will try not to cross paths.
If you quit, you'll not solve anything. You still have your role and Mur trusted you. Think at him and not at me.
This is my last post on this topic regarding this subject. If you want to continue the discussion we'll use the PMs.[/quote]

Are you afraid that if I leave now everyone will blame you for that? Perhaps its cynical of me to think that but somehow I just can't imagine you caring whether I leave or stay. Now I may take a break from MD I haven't really decided yet and it maybe temporary or permanent after I tie up a few loose ends (like finding someone active I can trust with my Aqune account since I'm a quasi-RPC as dst pointed out so I couldn't just leave with my powers) [i]but just so everyone knows if I do leave its not all dst’s fault so don’t blame him.[/i]

When it comes down to it is because MD has become more stressful then fun for me and dst is certainly a part of that but not the only one or even the main one. I guess in multi-player games there are bound to be personal conflicts like this so it can't be avoided. We can try to avoid each other in the future I guess though in reality MD isn't that big. I suppose Glaistig is right that dst had a right to use whatever power he had against me in game if he thought of me as his enemy just as I have a right to put him on my hate list or write in his log though I won't do that yet and if he does abuse any special debugging powers he has I can always just tell Manu about it (though somehow I get the feeling that if its my word against dst's Manu will take his word over mine if he even listens to me that is). It still pisses me off that he singled me out back then and I still find it kind of sad that simplyzero (I hope your not saying bad things to him about me behind my back dst) would choose him over me but enough about that this isn't my diary.

I suppose if I ever do decide to leave since I'm something of a quasi-RPC with my own special powers I will make a post about it on the forum or something so its not unexpected like Wodin's leaving. I have been playing consistently for what has it been? A year and a half now? So I think its understandable if I'm beginning to get tired of this game. Also like Glastig I do have a few issues with game play and the direction the game is going in and I may make a post about that in the future too but for now I have said all I needed to say.

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Although I said I will not reply on the forum anymore (regarding this subject) I have one last thing to say: I can care less if you stay or if you leave. I wanted you to stay because whether I like it or now you kind of have a role and since I love so much the game I don't want to see it lose something Mur worked hard for.

As for me telling simply bad things about you...believe me: we have better subjects to discus then you.

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Must you always be so mean and arrogant? Why couldn't you have said
"I would never talk about you behind your back Aqune"
or just
"I did not talk about you behind your back"
or even nothing at all rather then that.
But I suppose that would be too much to expect from someone as vain as you. You really shouldn't be surprised that people regard you as a villain when you act that way all the time and belittle them.

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