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gazebo of chaos


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ad 1) yeeha, i love it^^ i want your value points, or at least someone who bluffs better than me =P

ad 2) O_o you can't be serious... 3 max grasans and 3 max birds to an mp3?? three regen trees to an mp3?? that would make mp3 a whoooole lot worse...
alas, never let that happen...
but i like the idea behind that^^
maybe you could make seperate prizes for different mps: 3 can win lore critters on lvl 1, 4 can win a joker, blood pact or aramor on lvl 1, maybe even 2, and 5/6 can win drachorn eggs (maybe even eggs of all three sorts)
would work like that: 3 prices per mp level, not only the ones with 5 right win, but everytime 3 people who are closest to the right numbers if there are not 3 or more with 5 right (4 right, one wrong can win too, if there are not enough people with 5 right, that is, and if there's more people with the right numbers / only one wrong than prices you can have the system decide who gets which place randomly (NOT based on skills, that's not fair for a lottery))

example: there is one guy with 5 right and 5 people with 4 right -> the one with all right gets first price, and the 2nd and 3rd price go out to two of the 5 people with one number wrong randomly, making two of them happy winners and the other three unlucky losers

mp3: first gets a knator, second an archer and third a tree(all lvl 1) (no daimon, tree is the more powerful healer and protector, and the other ability of daimons is on eles, too)
mp4: first gets a joker, second a blood pact and third an aramor assasin (all lvl 1, maybe archer on 2 already)
mp5/6: (yes, they play one lottery because there are so little mp6): first gets a rusty, second a dark (braiton) and third a 'normal' drachorn egg

and of course one player can compete as often as he/she wants, but not win the same price twice (if it should occur that a player who made first already gets another 1st, he steps back to 2nd place, if he has that already, too, he goes back to 3rd, and so on with all prices, and the other players step one up to the place that turned free, i guess you get what i mean)

as those prices are rather valueable, the costs of the lottery should be quite high, i think about 6k vp for mp3, 15 k for mp4 and 50k for mp5/6 (yes, you can go to neg for paying that fee), so people really think twice before entering the lottery, and it should only be played once per week


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hey guys care to explain the poker rules?? and i dont think its a good idea to give out special creatures like jester / blood pact archer / imperial aramor.. since we usually need credits for this then people wont buy credit that much and will depend on these games it self. I want the game to grow not slow down.

And what is the game really about, we must guess something about VP ?? i dont understand...

maybe mp4 can get like 100k xp reset or same loreroot creatures at lvl 2 or 3maybe... or loreroot creatures lvl 2 or lvl 1 but it should have have the age it needs to be maxed... so mp4 dont have to wait that much.

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well,m if you are an mp4 for two months, you are a veteran more or less, so you might probably not get moire than 8 shots at the lottery anyway, and the price i suggested will keep you away from upgrading/buying for roughly a week, so if you need to upgrade something, you won't play the lottery in that week anyway xD
and it's very very unlikely that a player ever wins anything, as there are probably 200 competing and only 3 win something in mp4, making the chance of winning a joker 1/200 * 8 -> the chance to hit a joker within 8 times of playing the lottery is 4%, so out of 100 gamers only approximately 4 get ONE premium creature, but about 40-50 of those who don't get one face one in combat and then think 'uh, that mob is really strong, i should get one myself' and buy it in the shop^^
the lottery would therefore most likely get more people to buy credits, and is just a little gimmick for all those who already have bought some, like, getting another blood pact for free is not that bad, is it? =D

and most other rewards are just not that good for showing off =P
EDIT: [url="http://www.pokerlistings.com/poker-rules-texas-holdem"]texas hold'em rules[/url] that's the most common (easiest) style of poker, and the rules are quite good explained there^^

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that occured in the last test war...
mur made people in the alliances actually die when they got defeated by another ally member, and dst started killing everything he saw LOL
there were about 30 corpses hanging around, and the spirits were allowed to chat in the location they died, but nothing else, i f i remember correctly...

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I don't know if this is the correct place, but the Gazebo of Chaos could be a portal to another realm.. Like Necrovion, GG or Loreroot. A land of Chaos, where logic does not exist, where only the ones sane enough could survive... or the ones tainted by chaos enough to bear its madness.

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