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Award winners


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Here's the list of award winners for this year.

Best RPC - Khalazdad
Best LHO - King bull
Best PWR - Zleiphneir
Outstanding service - Calyx of Isis
Annoying award - I am bored
Best Quote - Awiiya, Limbertok and Xcerces
Least convincing alt - The Libs
Best Backstory - Zleiphneir
Roleplay award - Zleiphneir
Best Personal Papers - Yami no Sakura
Villain of the year - DST
Best Techie - DST
Most addicted - Yami no sakura
Rookie of the year - Silent warrior, Unbelievable power
Best Dojo staff - Meru chi
Best Protector - Raven

Congrats to all the winners
Thanks to everyone who participated and voted.
I'm seriously impressed at how my little idea snowballed to epic proportions. I mean I knew mur liked the idea but to get behind it as much as he has done is astounding!

Prizes will be dealt out soon.
Thanks all.

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