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md shop bug


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[2008-12-20 07:11:51 - Alpha 8]
A bug in the MD shop that prevented the display of items that changed stoc was fixed. Some of you might see additional items visible now. Also, Vitality Elixir I and Valuable Metal Orb increased stoc by one.

it seems that for me it actually caused the said problem instead of fixing it.
the extra-features section is the only one afflicted (most things i bought are from this section).
i already tried the obvious like clearing cache and refreshing, to no avail.

right now i dont have credits, so i cant check if it prevents me from buying the missing items.
anyone experiencing similiar problems who could check it?

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' post='22744' date='Dec 20 2008, 03:27 PM']I've lost around 15 extra creature slots from extra features I think...(How many were there max? I bought 5 of them)

and the rest of the permanent boosters which increased vitality and max vp. I didn't use them, but all of them are gone.[/quote]

There where 20 max...

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