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Thank you Mur


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I figure many people would like to thank you so I started this....

Personally you made my holiday season great even just by bringing in the Christmas tree and the heart felt announcement you had made, then you continually made it nicer each day by adding more and more to it and on top of that incredible improved my account with the final gifts. So....from the bottom of my heart thank you and Merry Christmas to you.

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were you actualy can send me a gift you know, but no one asked :). a million dollar check could work too or in case you dont have one handy, i would realy love a short movie with you saying anything related to md or me or just ..something, that would be awsome, to see you ppl from allover the world...but, i am sure you prefer to hide behind the keyboard :D ..... or you could ignore what i just said, afterall chrismas will soon be over and you can "miss" this :)

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hmm, would it be worth it to buy a camera just to film a thank you...yes i think so ^_^

though where to find the money, and i do like hiding behind this keyboard...

in case i dont manage to get that camera anytime soon just imagine my avatar saying ''THANK YOU!!! for everything :) ''

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